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Volume XXVII          Number 1

February 1999














Waterloo-Wellington Branch

Ontario Genealogical Society

153 Frederick St., Suite 102

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8 Feb 1999. Andrew Reed. Waterloo Regional Heritage Foundation.

8 Mar 1999. Marjorie Kohli. 19th Century Immigration to Canada.

19 Apr 1999. The Lady Teviot. British Isles.

10 May 1999. Bill & Lynda Schneider. Slide presentation of Germany.

Wellington Group Meetings:

23 Feb 1999. George Moore. Places of Worship in Wellington County.

23 Mar 1999. J. Brian Gilchrist. Searching the 20th Century.

27 Apr 1999. Searching for Scottish Records.

25 May 1999. Encapsulating Photos.

Inside this Issue:

St. James Lutheran Church, St. Jacobs, Deaths 1868-1955

An Eerie Experience

Limerick Pioneer Cemetery

Early Guelph Settlers



1999 Waterloo-Wellington Branch Management Committee


Chair:                                               Jack Knight, 519-823-1358

Vice Chair:                        

Past Chair:                                         Frances Hoffman, 519-664-3670

Secretary:                                         Laurie Strome, 519-884-2642

Treasurer:                                         Norman McQuay, 519-746-0101

Waterloo Group Coordinator:          Gordon Ambrose, 519-576-7371

Wellington Group Coordinator:       Jack Knight, 519-823-1358

Library - Waterloo:                          Thelma & Bill Barnes 519-743-5467

Library - Wellington:                        Elinor Knight, 519-823-1358

Membership:                                   Norma Huber, 519-621-8898

Program - Waterloo                          Donna Wall, 519-650-2221

Program - Wellington                       Elinor Knight, 519-823-1358

Publications:                                    Dona Madill, 519-653-9987

Branch Notes, Editor:                      Rosemary Ambrose, 519-576-7371

Branch Notes, Mailing:                    Sam Weicker, 519-742-0306

Office Coordinator                          

Members-at-Large:                           Darryl Bonk

                                                         Alvin Taylor

                                                         Ryan Taylor, Fort Wayne, Indiana


Waterloo County Group Positions:

Coordinator: Gordon Ambrose, pro tem; Secretary Treasurer: T. Shoniker; Cemeteries: Marcella Beechey; Church Records: Rosemary Ambrose; Enquiries; Exhibits: Frances Hoffman, Richard Gillians; Hospitality: Norma Huber; Publication Sales: Jennifer Baker, Dave Bombay, Richard Gillians; Publicity: Carol Goodger-Hill; Rep. To Waterloo Regional Heritage Foundation: Gordon Ambrose.

Wellington Group Positions:

Coordinator: Jack Knight; Past Coordinator: George Taylor; Secretary: Kasey Mitchell; Treasurer: Lorraine Harris; Cemeteries: Pat Pletch; Church Records: George Moore; Computer Resources: Jack Knight; Enquiries: Penny Cleeves; Hospitality: Donna Speers; Indexing: Jacque Norris; Publications: Perry Cockburn; Publication Sales: Perry Cockburn; Publicity: Frank Vigor; Strays: Frank Vigor; Welcoming: Ivadel Todd.

Region III Director: Elinor Knight, Guelph, 519-823-1358


Waterloo-Wellington Branch

Ontario Genealogical Society

153 Frederick St., Suite 102

Kitchener ON  N2H 2M2   Canada

The Waterloo Group of the Waterloo-Wellington Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society meets on the second Monday of the month, except in October when the meeting is the 3rd Monday due to Thanksgiving. Meetings begin at 7 p.m. in the Hamblin Room, Level One of the Kitchener Public Library, 85 Queen St. N., Kitchener ON. The Waterloo Group does not meet in June, July or August.

The Wellington Group of the Waterloo-Wellington Branch meets at 122 Harris St. (corner of York), Guelph, at 7:30 p.m. on the 4th Tuesday of each month, with the exception of December, July and August.

Membership in OGS & the Branch is $58/year (plus $8 for family membership); Associate membership, for current Associate Members (Branch only) is $22/year.

Branch Notes is published four times each year, February, May, August, and November, by the Waterloo-Wellington Branch, OGS. Subscription price for non-members is $13 per year or $4 per issue.

Branch Notes is edited by Rosemary Ambrose. Contributions are most welcome and should be received at least two months in advance (i.e. December, March, June and September). If you are using a computer, please submit your article on a 3.5” computer disk (PC only). Articles will be printed space permitting and at the discretion of the Editor.

Copyright © 1999 Waterloo-Wellington Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society. All rights reserved. Reproduction by any means or use of the whole or any part of the contents of this newsletter without prior agreement and written permission is prohibited. Also, in accordance with Canadian Copyright Law, individuals and organizations must request permission from individual authors to reprint any article published in Branch Notes.


Our thanks to the following contributors:


         Dave Bombay       Dona Madill

         Ian Easterbrook     rych mills

         Frances Hoffman   Charles Rand

         Susan Hoffman      Ryan Taylor


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Editor’s Comments


his page reflects the changes in the organizational structure of the Waterloo-Wellington Branch. It is hoped that the list of Management Committee individuals and the lists of those holding positions in the Waterloo Group and the Wellington Group are accurate. Please do not hesitate to let me know of any concerns regarding the content of this page.

Another change is an addition to the Branch’s policy regarding copyright. This change has been made after consultation with the Ontario Genealogical Society. Not only must we protect the copyright of our authors, but we must protect the copyright of our newsletters as well.

I would like to thank those individuals who sent in their “Epics in Print,” as requested in the August 1998 issue of Branch Notes. We expect to announce the winner of our mini-contest in the May 1999 issue. In the meantime, readers might enjoy reading Jack Knight’s, “The Saga of a Piano”, printed in this newsletter as an example of the quality of the submissions received.

Rosemary Ambrose.



From the Chair


new year has begun! The Waterloo Group and the Wellington Group have held their first Executive and Group meetings and the Management Committee also has met. I extend heartiest thanks to Frances Hoffman for the effort and time she put into Branch affairs during her term of office. Well done, Frances!

The Branch is in transition. Methods of achieving Branch affairs are being developed so each part is aware of its function. In fact, little is different, but the perspective is! Wellington Group is fortunate in having had some practice in providing for the interests of Wellington County. Waterloo Group will continue to provide the service that the Waterloo Regional Municipality received before the reorganization. The Management Committee will appreciate all the help and assistance that you, the members, can supply.

We are on the move again! The Management Committee has accepted an offer from the Kitchener Public Library regarding office space, A lease will soon be signed and the move will take place in May. The Branch is looking for a desk, chairs, table, bookcase, so if you have some stashed away, any and all would be most welcome. Our new address will be printed in the May 1999 issue of Branch Notes.

The records of Historic St. Paul’s Church in Kitchener will be microfilmed as a memorial to Mrs. Sam Weicker. The Branch is accepting donations toward the cost of this project.

Please note that the Region III annual meeting on April 24th is now only three months away, so please remember to get your registrations in! A great day has been planned.

Jack Knight.

Branch News

Waterloo Group Meetings:

*   8 Feb 1999. Andrew Reed. Waterloo Regional Heritage Foundation. “Empowering our Region’s Heritage.”

*   8 Mar 1999. Marjorie Kohli. “19th Century Immigration to Canada.”

*   19 Apr 1999. The Lady Teviot of Census Searches (est. 1969). “British Isles.”

*   10 May 1999. Bill & Lynda Schneider. Slide presentation of Germany.

Wellington Group Meetings:

*   23 Feb 1999. George Moore. “Places of Worship in Wellington County.”

*   23 Mar 1999. J. Brian Gilchrist. “Searching the 20th Century.”

*   27 Apr 1999. “Searching for Scottish Records.”

*   25 May 1999. “Encapsulating Photographs and Documents for Future Generations.”


Important dates

*   March 26 & 27, 1999. Ottawa Branch OGS, 18th Annual Gene-O-Rama ’99. At Nepean City Hall, The Council Chambers, 101 Centrepointe Dr., Nepean ON. K2G 5K7, in partnership with the Nepean Public Library. Speakers: Ryan Taylor, Louise St. Denis, Norman Crowder, Rick Roberts. For more information, telephone 613-824-1942.

*   Saturday, April 24, 1999. Region III Annual Meeting, hosted by Waterloo-Wellington Branch. At Wellington County Museum & Archives. 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Speakers: J. Brian Gilchrist, Sherilyn Bell. Book sellers and displays. Registration fee (includes lunch): $25, received by March 24, 1999; $30 afterwards; limit of 120 people only.

*   May 12-15, 1999. National Genealogical Society Conference in the States, Richmond Centre, Richmond, VA. (Registration Brochure published in NGS Newsletter, Vol. 24, No. 6, Nov/Dec 1998.)

*   May 28, 29, 30, 1999. Seminar 1999.Our Ontario Families.” Hosted by Halton-Peel Branch.” At the Regal Constellation Hotel, Toronto (900 Dixon Rd., Etobicoke, Ont.). For more info contact: 24 Shelbourne Court, Brampton ON  L6Z 1C2.

*   June 6-11, 1999. Toronto Branch OGS Genealogy Summer Camp. Write: “Summer Camp” OGS, Toronto Branch, Box 518 Station K, Toronto ON  M4P 2G9, or contact Jane McNamara – 416-463-9103 (tel.) or 416-463-6755 (fax.)

*   May 12-14, 2000. Seminar 2000. Migration Mosaic.” Hosted by the Ottawa Branch.

*   May 31-June 3, 2000. National Genealogical Society Conference in the States, Providence, RI.

*   May 24, 25, 26 & 27, 2001. Seminar 2001. Quest for Opportunities.” Hosted by Waterloo-Wellington Branch OGS.





Wellspring - February 1999

The year 1998 has come and gone. Our Library brochure, “Family Research at the Guelph Public Library,” is completed and in place. Well done, Perry!

The December Wellington Group meeting re-examined older suggested projects as well as new ones. The objective was to set direction for the Group for 1999. The Group decided to focus on contact with historical and other groups interested in Family History, and to strengthen our ties with County groups in general. George Taylor will be our representative to the Historical Society for 1999.

The Guelph Historical Society has generously given the Branch an update of the St. Joseph’s Cemetery transcriptions – not yet on the Branch computer in the Guelph Public Library. A most thoughtful contribution.

Our program advertisement (bookmark) will be placed in various locations around the county, including the Wellington County Archives. The ‘bookmark’ has proven to be a popular ‘pickup’ article.

Remember that Wellington Group members invite you to join them for coffee and conversation at 7:00 p.m. each meeting night. (Donna always has a surprise goody or two to entice us!)

(Jack Knight, Coordinator, Wellington Group)

Interest has been shown in the following surnames of Wellington County residents:

BERRY, BURROWS, BUSSELLE, CAMERON, CHAMBERLAIN, HANLEY, HARROP, HOLBORN, HURD, KRIBS, LANDEEN, LOVE, MAHAR, NICHOL, REID, SMITH, TIBBEN, TORRIE, WALKER. (If you are interested in any of these names, please contact Penny Cleeves or Perry Cockburn at the Branch address. Please enclose a SASE with your enquiry.)

INDEXING OF BIRTHS, MARRIAGES AND DEATHS by the Wellington Group in 1998. Report from Jacquie Norris.

We now have completed the fourth year of indexing the births, marriages & deaths from the known Wellington County newspapers. We now have a total of approximately 33,000 names. This is a great genealogical tool for all researchers. Sincere thanks go to our volunteers, many of whom also are working on other projects for the Wellington Group.

Extractors: Glenn Wright, Perry Cockburn, Janey Roberts, Ed Murphy; Newspaper Clippers: Dean Percy, Norma Moore, Betty Cutler, Thelma Hornberger; Data entry: Kay Newstead, Jacquie Norris, Jack Knight; Proof Readers: Sue Visser, Maurice Robinson, Dorothy Turner, Lorraine Harris, Ivadell Todd, Thelma Hornberger, Kay Newstead, Kasey Mitchell.

Volunteers who agreed to type some cemetery recordings onto computer disks: Elaine Farley, Heather Langley, Sylvia Bagley. If anyone would like to enter material onto the computer program, please telephone me at 519-822-8256.

Thank you Jack Knight for all your support with the computer updating. You’re a peach to work with!

Jacquie Norris. U.E. OGS #673L

Gleanings from Other Newsletters

(Newsletters are in Periodicals, the Reference Section, of the Kitchener Public Library)

A Query in Generations, Manitoba Genealogical Society (Vol. 24, No. 4, Dec. 1998): “John D. McKenzie b. c.June 24, 1794, Dores, Inverness, Scotland, s/o Donald & Catherine (McBean) McKenzie. Second spouse was Anne Elliot or McIntosh, came to USA 1803, Livingston Co., NY. Lived Galt, Ontario 1820. Died in Winnipeg? When? Contact Betty Peabody Knoblock, 1728 Midvale Ave., Los Angeles CA 90024-5513 USA.

United Church Archives. (From Relatively Speaking, Vol. 26, No. 4, November 1998, Alberta Genealogical Society.) Mailing address: United Church of Canada/Victoria University Archives, 73 Queen’s Park Crescent, Toronto ON  M5S 1K7. Telephone: (416) 585-4563. E-mail: uccvu.archives@utoronto.ca


Research Help for Hanover & Hesse. Contact Dr. Sylvia Möhle, Groner Tor Strasse 16, 37073 Göttingen, Germany. (Germanic Genealogist, Vol. 1, No. 1, Winter 1998. Germanic Genealogy Society, St. Paul Minnesota.) Her home page address:

http://home.t-online.de/home/Sylvia Moehle

From the Lucknow Sentinel: May 1878. Married. Dickie/Archibald - On the 8th inst., May, 1878, at the residence of the bride’s father by the Rev. D. Cameron, Mr. A Dickie of Hespeler to Lizzie, eldest daughter of Mr. John Archibald, Lucknow. (Bruce & Grey Branch Newsletter, Vol. 28, No. 4, Nov. 1998.)

Murphy’s Genealogical Law

When, at last, after much hard work, you have solved the mystery you have been working on for two years, your aunt says, “I could have told you that!”

(From Kingston Relations, Kingston Branch OGS, Vol. 25, No. 5, Nov/Dec 1998.)



New in the Branch Library: Kitchener

Thelma Barnes reports that there have been some changes in the Grace Schmidt Room in the Kitchener Public Library. Because the space on the shelves set aside for our collection was no longer adequate, the Library has provided us with a new tall standing shelf. It is the one located nearest to our computer. We do appreciate the additional space as well as the assistance in moving our books into it. Thank you Susan Hoffman and the Kitchener Public Library!”

& Canadian Obituary Record, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992. (Donated by Global Genealogy)

& Neely, Alastair. Selected Genealogical and Historical Resources for London, Middlesex County, Ontario. London, Ont.: The Author, 1998.

& Habermehl, Fred C. Twigs, Branches, Roots, Waterloo County. The Habermehl Family. (Donated by Fred Habermehl)

&Christadelphian Meeting House, Doon, Waterloo Township. Transcription of Minute Book 1889-c.1916.

& Breslau (Cressman) Mennonite Church Cemetery, with some obituary extracts. W-W Branch OGS, 1994.

& Elmira Old Boys & Girls Reunion. 75th Anniversary. Elmira, Ont.: 75th Anniversary Booklet, 1998.

& Stewart Pioneers in Western Canada. (Donated by Helen Stover)

& Wilson, Harry. Wellington County History (Donated by Helen Stover)

& Wellington County History, Vols. 1987-1998. Guelph Ont.: Wellington Co. Historical Research Soc.

& United States. National Archives & Record Service. Guide to Genealogical; Research in the National Archives. Washington DC: National Archives.

& Weicker, Sam. Reminiscings of St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church, Kitchener, Ontario. (Donated by Sam Weicker)

& Stoudt, John Baer, arr. The Children & Children’s Children of Rudolph Hoch and Melchior Hoch, who settled in the Oley Valley, Pennsylvania. (Donated by Eldon D Weber)

& The Pennsylvania German, August 1909. (This is in the Kitchener Public Library Rare Book collection. Donated by Eldon D. Weber)

& New England Genealogical Society. New England Historical Genealogical Register; and NEXUS. (periodicals). Baltimore MD: NEGS, 1996. (donated by Charles Rand)

& South Dumfries Township, Brant County, Cemeteries.

& Culross Township, Bruce County, Cemeteries.

& Hanover and Bentinck Township, Grey County, Cemeteries.

& Blandford Township, Oxford County, Cemeteries.

& Blenheim Township, Oxford County, Cemeteries.

& East Zorra Township, Oxford County, Cemeteries.

& Elma Township, Perth County, Cemeteries.

& Mornington Township, Perth County, Cemeteries.

& North Easthope Township, Perth County, Cemeteries.

& South Easthope Township, Perth County, Cemeteries.

& Wallace Township, Perth County, Cemeteries.

& Beverly Township, Wentworth County, Cemeteries.

PLEASE NOTE: Special thanks to Elinor Knight. The following will be found in the lateral filing cabinet in the Grace Schmidt Room. All pertain to the United States.

*   Using Records of the National Archives for Genealogical Research.

*   Research in the Land Entry Files of the General Land Office.

*   Select List of Publications.

*   Military Service Records in the National Archives.

*   DAR (Daughters of the Revolution) Library General Information.



New in the Branch Library: Guelph

Elinor Knight reports the following Branch Library Acquisitions at the Guelph Public Library, Aug.-Dec., 1998.

& Johnson, A.E. A Tribute to E. Pearl Johnson. (gift)

& Stevens, Archie H. Descendants of Archibald Morrison, Sr. (gift)

& The Cockburn Family of Puslinch, Ontario, Canada: Genealogy, history and descendants, 1798-1998. The Cockburn Family History Book Committee, 1998. (gift)

& Bloomfield, Elizabeth. Waterloo County to 1972: An annotated bibliography.

& Anson-Cartwright, Tamara, ed. & comp. Landscapes of Memories: A guide for conserving historic cemeteries.

& Resources for Genealogy in York Region. Toronto, Ont.: Toronto Branch, OGS.

& Memories of Clifford Pubic School & Clifford Continuation School, 1912-1965. (gift)

& Records of the Department of Indian Affairs at the National Archives. OGS.

& Index to Ontario Settlement Names Resulting from the Strays Project. OGS.

& Syllabus, Seminar ’98, London, Ontario: From Settlers to Satellites. OGS.

& Selected Manitoba Government Records: Family and Community History. 1990. (gift)

& Research Outline: Canada. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Family History Centre.

& The Archivist, Vol. 116, 1998.

& The Family Chronicle Collection, September 1996-August 1997.





The 1820 and 1830 Wisconsin census records are with those of Michigan. The 1860 Nevada census is included with that of Utah. The 1860 schedules for the present state of Oklahoma are with those of Arkansas, which was then Indian land. The 1860 census records for the present state of Wyoming are with those of Nebraska. And the 1860 schedules for Colorado are included in the Kansas census.

(With many thanks to Dona Madill!)






Cunningham, Sharon:


Harris, Ann – annha@interlog.com

Litton, Phyllis B. – plittonp@juno.com

Schaefer, Christian K.– cksfamhis@aol.com

Shoniker, Tom– shoniker@nonline.net

Tiplady, Eric – eric.tiplady@sympatico.ca


Jutte, Walter – snjt@sympatico.ca

Thatcher, Jim – jthatch@lynx.org

Note from Jim McKane: “Pat Krajefski’s e-mail address is no longer valid. If someone has a new address for her please let me know.” Jim McKane’s address:



Did you know? -- that the Simcoe Branch OGS has its book and archival collection in the Barrie Public Library? The Library is at 37 Mulcaster St., Barrie, ON  L4M 3M2; phone: 705-728-1010. E-mail:


Ed.: Thanks to Ryan Taylor and The Global Gazette for this! QUESTION: Have you ever looked on Global’s Web Site?   ®    http://globalgenealogy.com




More of Interest

In the summer of 1998 the Archives of Ontario released the following Ontario Vital Statistics: Births-1901; Marriages-1916; Deaths-1926.



Frances Hoffman and Ryan Taylor announce the publication of their newest book Across the Waters: Ontario Immigrants’ Experiences 1820-1850. The book will be published in May 1999 by Global Heritage Press in soft cover and hard cover (library binding) versions.

The book “gathers together selections from firsthand accounts so that today’s readers can discover what it meant to be a pioneer in Ontario. From the day they decided to strike off across the Atlantic to the first harvest in their own clearings, the settlers will tell you about the seasickness, the quarantine station, the mosquitoes, the fish you could scoop out of streams with your bare hands, the pride of owning your own land and the joys of helping one another build a house.”

A copy can be reserved at pre-publication prices now. Telephone 1-800-361-5168.


(From The Province Newspaper, Vancouver BC, Oct 11, 1998 – with thanks to Jacquie Norris.)

110 Years Young. – Mrs. Isabel Dryden will celebrate her 110th Birthday on October 16, 1998. Born in Elora, Ontario, she is the daughter of the late Samuel Faskin. For 9 years a dedicated teacher of grades 1 to 8, Isabel married Guy Dryden in 1927. They had two children, Elaine and Douglas. Now the family has grown to include 5 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. She has been a resident of Vancouver since 1919. Since 1928 she has been affiliated with Kitsilano United Church (formerly Crosby United). She was very active in the Women’s Association and during WW2 and up into the 1960s her knitting needles flew for the Red Cross. For the past 15½ years, Isabel has been living in the Broadway Pentecostal Lodge on Lamey’s Mill Road. During her residency at the Lodge, Isabel has received a number of first prize ribbons at the P.N.E. for her knitting and weaving in the Craft Department. On June 7, 1993 Isabel received a SPRY Award (The Society for Programs in Retirement Years) at a ceremony held in Vancouver’s Waterfront Hotel. Happy Birthday to a remarkable lady.

The Wellington County Historical Society is inviting submissions for Volume 12 of its annual journal Wellington County History. In celebration of the 125th Anniversary of the Ontario Agricultural College in 1999, articles related to changing agriculture in the County would be welcome. For information: Rosemary Wagner, 519-824-4120, Ext. 6832. (From OHS Bulletin, Issue 117, December 1998, pg. 3.)

The Owen Sound Historical Society has a unique collection of over forty volumes of newspaper clippings compiled by the late Izetta Fraser. The collection is kept at the Owen Sound Marine and Rail Museum. (Ibid.)



Effective with the February 1999 issue of BRANCH NOTES, members of the Waterloo-Wellington Branch will be entitled to two queries published annually in BRANCH NOTES, at no cost. Additional queries from members & queries from non-members will be published, space permitting, at a cost of $3 per query, prepaid. Cheques or money orders should be made out to Waterloo-Wellington Branch OGS. Please place your OGS membership number on each query.






I would like to find desc of HERBERT CHUBB, b. 1834, Dinton, Wilts., and his wife, Charlotte ORCHARD; Baptists; arr Canada 1875. Building contractor; lvd Guelph. Ch: Wm. Herbert, John O., Fredk. Geo., Clara Evelina (m. Edwd. FARLEY in 1891), Mary, Farley, & Harry. Need names all desc & have some photos to identify.

Like to find desc of FREDERICK JOHN CHUBB, b. Corton, Wilts., 1846-1900, younger bro of Herbert. Wife, Emily POOLE; arr Canada c.1871; lvd Guelph, Sault Ste Marie & Toronto. Mvd to Friendship NY. Ch: Emily Charlotte, Ida Anne, Atha Florence, Frederick John Wm. & Beatrice Maud.

Jean Chubb, P.O. Box 10, Bon Accord AB  TOA OKO [#0045]






JOHN SHEARDOWN, b. 1817, em from Lincolnshire, England. He marr 1846 Agnes/Nancy MADILL, Knox Presbyterian Church, York Twp, Ont. Farmed in Peel Twp., Wellington Co. Two dau: Mary Jane, b. 1850, m. 20 Apr 1870 to David LILLIES (s/o. George & Eliza Lillies), a neighbour; & Elizabeth, b. 1855. Seeking date & burial place for John & Agnes/Nancy Sheardown, & desc of David & Mary Jane Lillie. Will share info.

Jean Proctor, 3 Larry Street, P.O. Box 42, Caledon East, ON  L0N 1E0 Canada. E-mail: proctor@stn.net; Telephone: 905-584-2348. [#0046]



Searching for the former JUNE PROBERT, formerly of London, England; marr in Roman Catholic ceremony in mid- to late-1950s, Kitchener. Need help to identify pictures of her former neighbours – my English relatives. Only the first names on the backs.

Vi Peacock, P.O. Box 34, Thornton ON  L0L 2N0 Canada. E-mail: peacock@barrie-central.net [#0047]





ELIZABETH HURD was b. Somersetshire, England 9 Aug 1820/22. She marr William RILES Sr. in Esquesing, Gore District; 2 Sep 1845; she was from Erin at that time. Ch: William, b. 22 Mar 1851; and John. Elizabeth’s father may have been John.  A John Hurd d. 11 Jun 1862, wife Sarah, son George & dau Betsy (& her son, Samuel). Elizabeth left Canada in 1865 w/George MASON & two of his ch, plus John & William Riles. Went to Reinbeck, Iowa. Some of Elizabeth’s older ch may have stayed in Canada. Need info about earliest Hurd pioneer, also about history of region & why they may have settled in Erin.

Bonnie Robillard, Box 337, White Fox SK  S0J 3B0 Canada. E-mail: b.robillard@sk.sympatico.ca      Web page: http://www3.sk.sympatico.ca/robibn/  [#0048]





Need info re AMELIA STYLES, d. 31 Mar 1853 Galt, Ont. Husband #1: Octavius Augustus SEAGRAM; Husband #2: John BARBOUR. Was mother of Edward, b. 1836; and Joseph Emm Seagram, b. 1841; & Amelia Elizabeth Barbour, b. 1853, d. 1925 Calgary Alberta. John Barbour may have been Cabinet Maker in Galt area. Wife #1 unknown; had a son, William Barbour. Wife #2, Amelia Styles, died in childbirth; m. Wife #3, Isabella Gilholm, 29 May 1855. Also need info on Seagram wives and ch, their fathers’ stats, too.

Allan C. MacNeill, 1443 West 57th Ave., Vancouver BC  V6P 1T1 Canada. [#0049]





ANDREW AITCHISON, my gt-gt-gt-grandfather, made mention in his Will of 1857, Lauder Sct, of an Andrew and William Aitchison living in Guelph Ont. Looking for desc; will share info. Looking for other desc of CASSIMER GÖTZ and MADELINE HERMANN who em from Strasbourg 1834 to New Germany, now Maryhill, Ont. Will share info.

Robert Irvine, 2527 Cedar Hill Rd., Victoria BC  V8T 3G8 [#0050]




I am trying to trace CHARLES GEORGE CREMER (CREAMER). His ch born in Fergus, Ont. Fam mvd to Orillia, Ont. in 1881, until 1888. Disappeared until in Toronto 1901. Task frustrating because of gaps. A servant, aged 25 yrs, name of BELLA CREMAR, in 1881 Census for Fergus. Any info most appreciated.

Doreen Pringle, 73 Rossburn Dr., Etobicoke, Ont. M9C 2P9; Tel. 416-621-5617. [#0051]





Seeking info HENRY CLINTON KAYE, b. England c.1830; d. 1873 Harriston. Wife, Rebecca LAWRENCE(?) b. Eng. 1831, d. Minto Twp. 1870. Ch: Luis Alvin, Henrietta, Martha, Amelia, Rosetta, Henry Clinton, Geo. Albert, Alice Maria & Ellen. Fam Church of England. need p/o bur; marr date; info re. ch & place of origin in England. I am descended from Martha, b. Maryborough 1855, m. 1868 in Minto to John McLennan.


Mary McLennan McGraw, 27170 Clairview Ct., Dearborn Hts, MI  48127 USA; tel: 313-563-5812. [#0052]



The Saga of a Piano

If I could talk, what a tale I’d tell, of a sleigh, a girl and a train as well!

In January, 1883, I arrived, by sleigh, Emma Orr’s 16th birthday present. Emma brought me to Northwood, Ontario when she married a dry goods merchant, Samuel Henry Knight, then to a homestead near Kennedy, Saskatchewan, on the first train in 1906.

Our homes were first a farm, then a house in Kennedy with Emma’s daughter-in-law and grandchildren.

I left Emma’s family in 1959 near Swift Current – a century-old piano from the Bell Piano Factory of Guelph, Ontario.

Jack Knight.





by Dona Madill

Recently, I was approached to do some research for a lady from Michigan on Matilda Smith. After rolling my eyes a few times, thinking “right, Smith”, I decided I would give it my best shot.

Very little was known about Matilda. She supposedly died in Galt, circa 1925, might have been married to a William Smith and had seven children: Alvina, Bertha, Annie, William, Sadie, Harvey and Idella Mearl. The only positive information known was on Idella, born 1896 in Pine Bush, and that she had married Alvin Gehl in 1912.

The place to start was at the Cambridge Archives. Lo and behold, we found Matilda! She had died in 1926. I requested a copy of the death registration which would, hopefully, give me the name of her parents. Things started to look up when I read Idella Gehl was the informant. Now to look at the parents names. At this point, I almost fell off my chair when I read the father was Philip Snyder. Two years ago I had done some research for someone from Illinois on this name. At this point, I felt it was wise to quit until I checked my files at home. The Archives did not have the copy of the newspaper for 1926 so I would have to go to the Kitchener Public Library to search for the obituary. On checking the Snyder file, I discovered I already had the marriage of Matilda Snyder and William Smith in 1875.

I went to the Kitchener Public Library to find Matilda’s obituary. On entering the Grace Schmidt Local History Room there, I noticed a couple who were obviously doing family history research. Thinking I might be able to help them, I introduced myself and asked what names they were searching. They informed me that they had just arrived from Dryden, Ontario and were searching for William Smith who had married a Moeser. On hearing the name I said, “I am doing research for someone from Michigan who is looking for Matilda Smith. Perhaps they are related.” Initially, they did not think it would be the same Smith. Then they happened to mention that William was born in Pine Bush. At this point I suggested that they should go to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (L.D.S.) Family History Centre the next day to check on William’s birth and marriage registrations to confirm his parentage. If it turned out that his mother was Matilda Snyder, I asked them to call me. I also suggested that they look in Berlin in the 1901 census, rather than in Waterloo Township, to find William’s family.

Eventually I found Matilda Smith’s obituary. It did have a lot of information in it, but, unfortunately, it only gave the daughters’ married surnames, along with the husband’s initials. One daughter was rather interesting as she was Mrs. M.S. Strome of Rochester. Knowing that Laurie Strome, one of our Executive members, was researching all Stromes, I knew that I had to call her later that evening.

I called Laurie to ask her about Mrs. Strome who lived in Rochester. She knew who the husband was, but couldn’t remember anything on the wife. She said she would check her records. The next day she returned my phone call to say it was “Sadie” but had no further information on her.

That evening I went to L.D.S. to do some more work on Matilda’s family. The first people I saw were the couple from Dryden. “Well?”, I asked. Yes, the mother was Matilda Snyder and they had found her in the 1901 census in Berlin. They gave me William’s marriage and death dates, along with a copy of his obituary.

The moral of this story is never give up. I think we all know what kind of luck I had in searching for Matilda Smith. I also passed on names and addresses so they could contact each other.




The following list of the names of the first and second year settlers of Guelph were printed on pages 7 & 8 of a small booklet by Robert Thompson, A Brief Sketch of the Early History of Guelph. Guelph, Ontario: Guelph Mercury Steam Printing House, 1877. 8 pages.

The First Year Settlers of Guelph (still living in 1877):

Jas. Lynch, Hugh Henry, Robt. Thompson, Jas. McQuillan, Mrs. Jas McQuillan, Felix Hanlon, Mrs. Michael Allen, Mrs. Ann Keough, D. Stirton, Donald Wallace, Hugh Wallace, Alex. McDonald, Walter McDonald, Alex. Kennedy (teacher), Thos. McBride, Mrs. McBride, John Gillis, Mrs. Charles McTague, Mrs. John McTague, Mrs. Peter McTague, Mrs. Soden, Mrs. Bickiers, Mrs. Tobin, Rory McCrae, Wm. McCrae, Henry Foster, Jas. Benham, Mrs. Macdonald (widow),mother of Alex. Macdonald, Mrs. McCrae (widow), and mother of Wm. and Rory McCrae; Wm. Croft, Miss F. Harrison, Mrs. Henry, Alex. Campbell, Thomas Daily.

The Second Year Settlers of Guelph:

Wm. McCuen, Saml. McCuen, Mrs. Ann Mitchell, Mrs. Jane Ritchie, Martin Duley, Isaac Lenix, Mrs. Mannie, William Patterson, Robert Patterson, Mrs. Charles McWilliams, Mrs. Laird (widow), Thomas Lynch, Joseph Margin, Wm. Logan, Arch. McCorkindale, John McCorkindale, John Drew, Jas. Keough, Wm. Benham, Bernard McTague, Sarah McTague, Robert Knowles, Mrs. Fields, Janet McKersie, William McKersie, John McKersie, David McKersie, Gavin McKersie, Robert McKersie.

List of some of those known to have been residents of Guelph in the winter of 1827-8 in addition to those already given or referred to in the narrative:



ELLENBURN, Guelph, April 21st, 1877.




Deaths in St. James Lutheran Congregation, St. Jacobs, Ontario


 (according to the Records)

(Printed on the occasion of the St. James Lutheran Cemetery Memorial Service, Sunday, June 15, 1969. The original list (which also has the years 1956-1968) is in the vertical file in the Grace Schmidt Local History Room at the Kitchener Public Library.)

1868        Jacob Dreisinger                      Sept. 14th

1869        John Schaefer                           Feb. 6th

1876        Philip Schmidt                         Sept 18th

                Gertrude Cress                        Sept. 23rd

                Catherine Ziegler                     Nov. 13th

1877        Elizabeth Dreisinger                Jan. 16th

                Catherine Otterbein                 Dec. 18th

1878        Jacob Wegfarth                        Jan. 29th

                Philip Hoffner                         Feb. 2nd

                Carl Bowman                           Mar. 22nd

                Isabella Doerson                      Mar. 21st

                Anna Bowman                         Apr. 6th

1879        Elsie Lein                                 Mar. 23rd

                John Schmidt                           Apr. 6th

                Lorenz Steffler                         Aug. 7th

                Elizabeth Gildner                     Nov. 29th

1880        Catherine Lang                         Feb. 20th

                John Frohlich                           Mar. 18th

                Ed. A. Schlitt                           Nov. 28th

                Thomas Wurthner                   Dec. 30th

1881        Mary Eby                                Feb. 3rd

                Catherine Branchle                  Apr. 9th

1882        Laura Steffler                           Feb. 23rd

                John Eisenmann                       Jun. 28th

                Emma Schwalm                       Aug. 27th

1883        John Moyer                             Mar. 31st

                Ida Gildner                               Aug. 27th

                Ella Schwalm                           Sep. 7th

                Emeline Schmidt                      Oct. 6th

1884        John Schmidt                           Aug. 10th

                Mary Allemang                       Oct. 21st

1885        George Heller                           Oct. 4th

                Adam Daum                            Sep. 7th

1886        Catherine Weiss                       Jun. 1st

                Irene Hass                                Sep. 11th

1888        Peter B. Miller                         Feb. 9th

1889        John Steffler                            Sep. 2nd

                Cranson Schwalm                    Sep. 3rd

                Levi Moyer                             Sep. 10th

1890        Martin Miller                          January

                Anna Gunder                           Feb. 24th

                Jacob Werth                             Mar. 11th

                Elizabeth Keller                       March

                Elton Moyer                            Dec. 10th

1891        Michael Knischewsky             Mar. 12th

                Delton Delion                          Mar. 28th

                Carl Keller                               May 8th

                Lissette (illegible)                    May 15th

                Edward Cress                          Jun. 14th

                Melvin Moyer                         Jun. 19th

                John Moyer                             Jun 17th

                Edward Shelly                         Jul. 9th

                Elizabeth Steiner                      Nov. 2nd

                Gertrude Beck                         Nov. 9th

                Carl Beck                                 Dec. 7th

1892        Alfred Ziegler                          Feb. 2nd

                Emile Dehler                            Feb. 4th

                Eckhardt Seiling                       Apr. 22nd

                Emma Eby                               Jun. 8th

1893        Edward Herres (no date recorded)

1894        Freda Thiel                              Jun. 30th

                Elizabeth Lang                         Nov. 11th

                Albert Thoms

1895        John Donahey                         Jan. 13th

                Henry Thiel                             Mar. 22nd

                George Moyer                         Jun. 16th

                George A. Heller                      Jul. 13th

                Conrad Otterbein                     Jul. 22nd

1896        Elizabeth Steffler                     Jan. 8th

                Freda Reussow                        Mar. 25th

                Alexander Ziegler                     Oct. 17th

1897        Frederick Holst                        Mar. 8th

                Elizabeth Denges                     May 16th

                Regina Moyer                          Jun. 10th

                Jacob Hollinger                        Sep. 16th

                Anna Konig                             Sep. 18th

                Henry Schlitt                           Oct. 15th 

1898        Elizabeth Thiel                        Jul. 17th

                Evaline Thoms                         Aug. 5th

                Philip Ritter                             Oct. 4th

1899        Anna Centgraff                        Nov. 6th

1900        Henry Thoms                          Oct. 19th

                Albert Holst                            Oct. 24th

                David Weiss                            Nov. 15th

1901        Anna Holst                              Mar. 31st

                Fredrick Reussow                    Jun. 17th

                Louisa Miller                           Sep. 23rd

                Maryann Steiner                      Nov. 14th

1902        George Weiss                           Jan. 10th

                Magdalene Schaefer                 Jul. 7th

1904        Anna Herres                            Feb. 12th

                Elizabeth Ritter                       Jun. 11th

                Hubert Schaefer                       Sep. 24th

                Fred Hesses                             Dec. 17th

1905        Norma Good                            Feb. 27th

                Philip Weiss                            Apr. 2nd

                Fredrich Moyer                       Jun. 30th

                Adam Schaefer                         Jul. 5th

                Emma Ziegler                           Jul. 9th

1906        Nelda Schaefer                         Jan. 11th

                Katherine Ziegler                     Mar. 13th

1908        Louis Hollinger                        Apr. 25th

                Catherine Lein                         Jun. 29th

1909        Elmer Steiner                           Dec. 28th

1910        Clarence Gailfus                      Mar. 1st

1911        Henry Lein                              Jun. 15th

1913        Bernhardt Moyer                    Feb. 15th

                Arthur Kelterborn                   Mar. 15th

                August Cress                           Aprl 2nd

                Carl Metzdorf                         Apr. 16th

                Balthaser Holst                        Jun. 25th

                Elizabeth Schlitt                      Aug. 17th

1914        David Schaefer                         Feb. 14th

                Margaret Otterbein                  Apr. 26th

                Almeda Moyer                        May 5th

                Wilhelm Ziegler                       Oct. 29th

                Henry Wegfahrt                       Dec. 30th

1915        Israel Good                              Apr. 18th

                Adam Wegfahrt                       Aug. 21st

1916        Mrs. Jacob Werth                    July

                Michael Ziegler                        June

1918        Ede Miller                                Jul. 9th

                Mary Hahn                              Oct. 12th

                David Miller                            Dec. 2nd

1919        Solomon Gole                          Jun. 22nd

                Mrs. Henry Gilles                   Oct. 12th

                Louis Ziegler                            Dec. 7th

1920        Angeline Steiner                       Mar. 16th

                Augusta Herres                        Oct. 1st

1922        Jerold Thomas                         Oct. 14th

                Alice Goodwin                        Jul. 3rd

                Annie Hasenpflug                    Sep. 1st

1923        Mrs. Isaiah Brubacher             Jan. 5th

1924        Albert E. Mielke                      Jul. 26th

                Mrs. Jacob Stroh                     Aug. 9th

                Philip Meyer                           Nov. 30th

1925        Wilfred Hollinger                     Mar. 18th

                Edward Hollinger                     Apr. 24th

                Martin F. Schmidt                   Oct. 4th

1926        Mrs. John Cress                      Apr. 26th

                Katherine Miller                      Jun. 15th

1927        Katherine Washburn                Jan. 9th

                Karl Boshard                           Jun. 30th

1928        Mrs. Levi Cress                       Aug. 14th

                Jacob Stroh                              Dec. 17th

1929        John Liphardt                          Jan. 4th

                Mrs. Henry Ritter                   Feb. 19th

                Mrs. Herman Libutzke            Apr. 10th

1931        William Lein

                Baby Knischewsky

                Lloyd Cress                             Dec. 14th

1932        Alfred Billes                            Nov. 4th

1933        Mrs. Ludwig Durst                 Feb. 4th

                Mrs. Geo. Heller                     Oct. 24th

                Henry Gilles                            Nov. 10th

                Mrs. John Gole                       Dec. 9th

1934        Mrs. Lydia Hollinger               Jan. 6th

                Laura Doster                            Mar. 18th

                Mrs. Edward Mielke               Apr. 14th

1935        John Thoms                             Dec. 12th

1936        Mrs. Sylvester Good               May 21st

                Edna Doster                             Jan. 15th

                Mrs. David Miller                   Jul. 10th

1937        Mrs. Christine Meyer             Jan. 14th

                William Thomas                      Dec. 17th

1938        Oliver Gilles                            Mar. 3rd

                Ed Mielke                                Mar. 22nd

                Dena Doster                            Feb. 6th

                Mrs. M. Knischewsky            Aug. 26th

                Ralph Miller                            Nov. 30th

1939        Ludwig Durst                          Jan. 17th

                Theophil Miller                       Apr. 24th

1940        Lucy Thomas                          Feb. 23rd

1941        W.H. Schaner                           Jan. 29th

                Adam Miller                            Apr. 8th

                Isaiah Brubacher                      Nov. 11th

                Magdalena Sieling                    Nov. 29th

1943        George Hasenpflug                  Jan. 26th

                Mrs. John Lipphardt               Feb. 2nd

                Roland Thoms                         Jul. 10th

                          (fell in Sicily)

1944        Mrs. Jacob Keller                    May 15th

1945        Mrs. William Heller                 Jul. 24th

                Henry Ritter                            Nov. 15th

                Kathleen Stahlbaum                 Dec. 29th

1946        Herman Libutzke                     Mar. 15th

                Mrs. Elizabeth Schaefer          Oct. 13th

1947        Walter Schoner                        Jul. 19th

1948        Mrs. A. Nelson                       Jan. 23rd

                Gordon Hollinger                     Jun. 12th

                Lester Ritter                            Aug. 25th

                J.T. Schmidt                            Oct. 11th

                John Frank                               Nov. 12th

1949        William Heller                          Apr. 6th

                Mrs. Gordon Hollinger            Jun. 19th

                Carl Lebutzki                           Jul. 9th

                Marie Heller                            Oct. 2nd

1950        Roy Jamieson                          May 10th

                Alfred Gerald Gilles                Apr. 14th

                Christina Cress                        Aug. 22nd

                John Schlitt                              Nov. 18th

1951        Mrs. Henry Ritter                   May 4th

                Henry Seiling                           Jul. 14th

                Daniel Ritter                            May 7th

1952        Edward Ritter                          Jan. 4th

                Mrs. Geo. Kelterborn              May 24th

                Peter Geo. Ritter                     Sep. 17th

                Mrs.Milton Durst                   Dec. 22nd

1953        Mrs. Herbert Heller                 May 5th

                Cress Twins                            May 30th

                Mrs.Lincoln Hollinger             Nov. 20th

1954        Harry Meyer                           Jul. 17th

                Norman Good                          Jan. 5th

1955        Mrs. Geo. Host                       Feb. 22nd

                Wm. Spurgeon Sheppard     July

                Gordon Philip Ritter               Sept. 21st

                Emma Thiel                             Sep. 29th

                Russel V. Hahn                        Nov. 20th






Members’ Interests



Mutch, James F.

His wife, surname unknown

late 1880s, early 1900s

Elora and Galt


b.Rural Ontario

F. Stewart Wilson, 124 Crawford St., Toronto ON  M6J 2V4


Cremer, Charles Geo.

Cremer, Bella

Kenny, Julie Anne



age 25, 1881


Fergus; English descent


Fergus, Ont.; a servant


Doreen Pringle, 73 Rossburn Dr., Etobicoke ON  M9C ZP9



Book Reviews

Russell, William. Indian Affairs Records at the National Archives of Canada. Toronto, Ontario: The Ontario Genealogical Society, 1998.

This publication grew out of a presentation by Bill Russell at OGS Seminar 1993. The finished product shows a fine sense of organization, covering the records under examination all the way from a general description of the department, its mandate and how its methods evolved over time to a particular examination of the variety of records within the context of four categories of persons – 1) Status Indians; 2) the Inuit; 3) employees of the Department of Indian Affairs (DIA); and 4) non-Indian persons dealing with Indians or the DIA.

The organization of the book is in sections rather than chapters. This may seem a trivial matter but it allows the Table of Contents to include a detailed description of each section, thereby creating almost an Index, arranged by subject, sequentially rather than alphabetically. I was pleased to note the attention paid to the acronyms and abbreviations used, making it extremely easy to find your way through the text. Anyone who has had occasion to look at archival records anywhere may have wondered where the ubiquitous letters RG came from. Surprising enough, it is a perfectly logical abbreviation of Record Group. I realized there is order in that seeming chaos after all.

Considerable care is taken to describe the different groups of records, available finding aids, principal contents of the records available, restrictions in their use, and to whom they might be useful. The book concludes with several general sections covering advice on how to use these records for genealogical research, how to contact provincial archives, statistical offices, and genealogical societies, a guide for further reading and a useful glossary of departmental terms. All in all,  this publication is seen as the first and essential step in entering the complicated field of DIA records and certainly justifies the extended effort involved in its production.

C.G. Rand, Kitchener, Ontario.

Hoffman, Frances. Genealogical Information Extracted from The Elmira Signet Relevant to the Counties of Waterloo-Wellington and Beyond. (Kitchener, Ont.: Waterloo-Wellington Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society, 1998)

From Alberta to Zanzibar, with innumerable places in between, Frances Hoffman takes us on an intriguing ride through the pages of a small-town newspaper – in this case, the Elmira Signet.

Here is Volume II, covering the period 1900-1902. The previous volume published in 1997 includes materials from issues 1893-1894.

Don’t assume this publication is of interest only to family historians, chasing names and dates; an evening spent with this finely-crafted book will yield the pleasure of knowing exactly how a turn-of-the-century community works.

Sensibly organized by surname, with extremely liberal and helpful cross references, the volume begins with the story of Chas. M. Abell, Stratford who “fell over the banisters, striking the back of his head on the floor.” But you will quickly see that this is more than a mere listing of deaths, marriages and births – though they are all there.

Also included are the minutiae of Elmira social columns. A case in point: Thomas Bailey “of Oak Lake, Man., [who] returned home from his visit on Wednesday, accompanied by Mr. J.A. Stewart of Wallenstein and Mr. J. Somerville of Hawkesville.” This may be the only clue left to family history researchers, that Thomas and his friends headed for the West. All of the social occasions, the glue of any small town are listed – in fact any reference considered to be genealogical in nature has been included.

Hoffman has developed a Subject Index which includes occupations (who could resist looking up Anarchist – Bigamist – Detective – or Egg Dealer?) and the more usual Churches – Hotels – Railway Employees. But you may also want to consult Cannibalism, Vigilante Murder and Meese Matrimonial Association. Singers, Slaves and Siamese Twins weave their way through the text. Can any reader/researcher withstand the temptation to follow the reference?

The Place Name Index is a voluminous five pages. Many headings (Berlin/Kitchener, Elmira, Toronto, for example) bear sub-headings, by institution.

This volume which begins with Abell, ends with the sad tale of Jacob Zinkhann, who perished “before any of his family could reach him … from injuries sustained by a fall in a 75 feet deep well at St. Agatha.” Between the two events, there are over 1000 other entries (many full-text) which tell the story of Elmira (and elsewhere) during the period. All life is there, thanks to Frances Hoffman.

Ian Easterbrook, Fergus, Ontario.



An Interesting Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

(From Joan Oppertshauser, 3886 Cedar Hill Rd., Victoria BC  V8P 3Z6. OGS member):

The enclosed data was found behind a family album -- re. my husband Douglas Orval Oppertshauer’s family tree connections.

Many relatives spread over Ontario … and thought, the data also may be of some use to others researching:


Areas covered re. ONTARIO: Kitchener, New Hamburg, Mildmay, Sebringville. My husband’s interest is only re. OPPERTSHAUSER & his mother’s line, SOLOMON MILLER – so, thought maybe others may find use for the other data that came to light as we have enough to figure out re. above and my CLIMENHAGA/HEITMAN SAGA …

Hope you are able to print [this] and hope it is of some help to others even tho brief …never know what one can find. All The Best, Joan Oppertshauser.

(Editor: Included with the above letter are a ZINN FAMILY TREE, the first mentioned being George ERNEST ZINN, b. 2 Nov. 1832, Alsace-Lorraine, France; m. 1) MARGARET SCHWEITZER, in 1856, and 2) JULIANA SCHELL, in 1868. A second family tree has to do with the BRILL/MILLER family, Province of Lorraine, France. Information on these families will be printed in the May 1999 issue of BN.)


(From Dave Bombay’s brother-in-law who got “this off the County Tyrone Web Forum site”:)

I went searching for an ancestor, I cannot find him still

He moved around from place to place and did not leave a Will

He married where a courthouse burned, he mended all his fences.

He avoided any man who came to take the U.S. Census.

He always kept his luggage packed, this man who had no fame,

And every 20 years or so, this rascal changed his name.

His parents came from Europe. They should be on some list

of passengers to the U.S.A. but somehow they got missed.

And no one else in this world is searching for this man.

So I play geneasolitaire to find him if I can.

I’m told he’s buried in a plot, with tombstone he was blessed;

But the weather took engraving, and some vandals took the rest.

He died before the county clerks decided to keep records.

No family Bible has emerged, in spite of all my efforts.

To top it off, this ancestor who caused me many groans,

Just to give me one more pain, betrothed a girl named JONES!




(From the Kitchener Daily Record, Saturday April 17, 1937. Thanks to Thomas V. Cornell, Susan Hoffman, and rych mills. Notes by Rosemary W. Ambrose.)


Almost Forgotten Pioneer

      Cemetery Falls Into Decay

Burial Ground on Kitchener-Preston Highway Near Preston Is Forlorn Sight

By Record Correspondent

PRESTON, April 17 [1937] – Dull, weather-worn stones are the markers of the last resting places of several dozen early South Waterloo residents, in what is known among a few district people as Cornell’s Cemetery. It lies off the Kitchener-Preston highway, just outside the town limits behind the Lonsbury property and adjacent to a piece of land along the Grand River, bought recently by A.R. Goldie of Galt.

Shorn of many of the beauties that could grace the last resting place of these people, a dozen or so of them pioneers, the little cemetery is in a regrettable condition. In late years it has been furrowed badly by ground hogs, skunks and other animals. A fence surrounds it on three sides.

Forlorn Sight

When a Record representative visited the plot yesterday in the company of a district resident, he learned that a few years ago it had been planned to remove the graves to Hagey’s Cemetery on the Breslau Road, but about that time the Ontario government set up a cemetery preservation commission and it was thought this old site would be among those beautified. Nothing was done, however, and today Cornell’s Cemetery presents a forlorn, if not tragic sight.

Cornell’s Cemetery has a history. It is one that is interesting if only to a handful of people who gaze upon it daily from their homes in Limerick Settlement. This one-time Irish community extends along the highway from the Pioneer Barbecue[1] to the Preston limits or thereabouts.

A controversy of years’ standing figures in the origin of the burial ground. Some say that a man named Cornell donated the land to the church and cemetery board that used to have scope in the settlement. Others say the giver was a man named Snyder.

Principals Buried There

Both alleged donors are buried there. It may have been that one was Adam Snyder, who died in 1882, and the other Samuel Cornell, who died in 1872, who figured in the controversy years after their death.[2] It is not definitely known, but it is said that the land was donated years after the first burials had been made.

The cemetery forms part of what at one time was land owned by the late Samuel Hilborn, whose aging daughters still reside along the highway a short distance from the cemetery.

The church, which operated the cemetery as its burial place, was known as the German United Brethren congregation.[3] It was presided over by the late Bishop Baumann[4] who, after preaching there for some years, moved to Freeport to live and there to assume his pastorate. The old church was dismantled years ago.

First Burial in 1815[5]

The earliest grave is that of a Clemens child, a daughter of George Clemens. She was buried there in 1815 – 122 years ago. Her father was born July 17, 1777, and died and was buried in Cornell’s in 1863 according to his gravestone. [6]

From the stones, some of which cannot be deciphered, are noted the following burials: Jeremiah, son of George H. Snyder, 1874;[7] Adam L. Snyder, 1882;[8] his wife, 1876;[9] Jane C. daughter of Adam and Rachel Snyder, 1897;[10] Laura Moxley, 1838;[11] Thomas Hines, 1851;[12] Roxa Jane Cornell, 1847;[13] John Steep, 1890; Wendell Bowman Cornell, son of T. and S. Cornell, 1859;[14] Samuel Cornell, 1872, [15] and his wife Hannah Cornell, 1836;[16] Maria L. Cornell, 1846;[17] Levi Cornell,[18] son of B. and L. Cornell, and Gideon Cornell, another son, 1846.[19] Among the other early burials are those of the Stahlbaums and the Karns,[20] early residents of the district.

Another interesting fact in connection with the church is that in the [18]60s and the [18]70s baptismals used to be conducted in the Grand River, the parishioners going by foot down the steep hills along the stream in this vicinity.


Abstract Index Book, Waterloo County Registry Office.

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Bloomfield, Elizabeth, with Linda Foster and Jane Forgay. Waterloo County to 1972: an annotated bibliography of regional history. Kitchener, Ontario: Waterloo Regional Heritage Foundation, 1993.

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Waterloo Historical Society Volumes.

Waterloo-Wellington Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society. Limerick Cornell Cemetery. Transcription. Recorded April 23, 1987, by Janet Eberhardt & Norma Huber. Revised.




1The Pioneer Barbecue, built in 1927, was moved from its original location in 1983, and then again in 1985, to make way for the construction of what is now Sportsworld Drive. The first move, in March 1983, moved the building about 70 yards northeast from what is now the site of McDonald’s restaurant. The second move, in April 1985, relocated the building 50 yards further north to a one-acre site previously used as the Pioneer Barbecue’s backyard picnic area.

[2] The burial ground was located on part of Lot No. 8, Beasley’s Broken Front (BBF), as was the church. This property, along with Lots 9 & 10, a total of 667 acres, was sold by Richard Beasley to Sylvanus (or Salvanus) Cornell on April 25, 1808. Part of Lot 8 (150 acres) was sold by Sylvanus Cornell to Samuel Cornell on July 5, 1822. Samuel Cornell transferred 31 perches of Lot 8 by Church Deed to the Tunker Wesley Church on April 29, 1842. The church property was sold by the Trustees of the Wesleyan Methodist Church to Adam L. Snyder on April 1, 1875. The burial ground, which became known as Limerick Cemetery, was south of the Preston-Berlin Road; the church was on the north side of the road. The Limerick Cemetery gravestones were moved to Doon Pioneer Village in 1966. Waterloo Township By-Law 990, “to expropriate lands forming the Limerick Cemetery,” was recorded on December 12, 1967.

[3] Dr. Elizabeth Bloomfield’s book, Waterloo Township Through Two Centuries, on two maps “Waterloo Township Churches 1835,” and “Waterloo Township Churches 1855,” gives the name of the church as “Cornell’s Chapel” (pgs. 123 & 127). Tremaine’s 1861 map shows a “W.M. Ch” on Lot 8, on the north side of the Preston-Berlin Road. A church building also is shown in the same location in Parsell’s Atlas, 1881. In 1842 the church was the Tunker Wesley Church. The Cornell family was Tunker. In 1875 it was known as the Wesleyan Methodist Church. The corner of what is now Sportsworld Drive and Highway 8 at one time was referred to as Cornell's’ Corners.

[4] This may have been Rev. Jacob B. Bowman, who was an early pastor in the United Brethren in Christ Church. The Freeport congregation, organized in 1860, was on the Waterloo Circuit of the UBC Church.

[5] This date more correctly might have been 1813. Three little daughters of George Clemens died in the summer of 1813: Elizabeth, on July 13, 1813, aged 7 yrs 10 mos 3 dys; Harriet, on July 14, 1813, aged 2 yrs 6 mos 13 dys; and Mary, on July 20, 1813, aged 4 yrs 2 mos. A son, Levi Clemens, is said to have died on April 3rd in the same year, aged 6 yrs.

[6] George Clemens, b. July 17, 1777 in Chester County, Pennsylvania, arrived in Waterloo Township near Blair, in May 1801.  He died August 10, 1863, aged 86 yrs 25 dys.

[7] The Limerick Cemetery transcription records the date of death of Jeremiah W. Snyder, son of George H. and Hannah Snyder, as September 20, 1824, at the age of 6 yrs 7 mos 4 dys.

[8] August 2, 1882, aged 84 yrs.

[9] Rachel (Smith) Snyder; died May 2, 1876, aged 85 yrs 7 mos 3 dys.

[10] June 3, 1897, aged 72 yrs.

[11] First wife of Samuel Moxley; died November 26, 1838, aged 28 yrs.

[12] December 22, 1831, aged 38 yrs 9 mos.

[13] Possible daughter of Erastus Cornell and his wife, Maria (Doud) Cornell. Erastus was the grandson of Samuel Cornell. Another source, T.V. Cornell, states that Roxa Jane Cornell d. June 20, 1842, aged 14 mos. Erastus Cornell lived in Preston; he and his wife are buried in the Blair Cemetery.

[14] Wendell Bowman Cornell may have been the son of Phineas Willard Cornell and his wife, the former Susannah Bowman (daughter of Wendel Bowman and  Susannah Bricker). Phineas was a son of Samuel Cornell.

[15] Samuel Cornell, son of Sylvanus (or Salvanus) Cornell; b. January 8, 1784; m. Hannah Clemens; died November 1, 1872.

[16] Hannah Clemens, wife of Samuel Cornell, was b. September 11, 1791, and died October 13, 1836, aged 45 yrs 1 mo 2 dys. (Although the newspaper quotes the year of Hannah’s birth as 1886, the 1836, taken from the cemetery transcription, would seem correct.

[17] The 1846 date of death for Maria L. Cornell may have been transcribed incorrectly by the author of the newspaper article. Maria L. (for Liza or Eliza) Cornell, buried in the same plot as her probable father, Samuel Cornell, and his wife, Hannah, was born April 26, 1816, and died December 29, 1832, aged 16 yrs 9 mos 3 dys.

[18] Levi Cornell, son of Bruen Cornell and his wife, Lydia ?Howell, died  22 July 22, 1847, aged 4 mos 5 dys. Bruen Cornell, son of Samuel Cornell, was listed in the 1851 Census as a farmer in Waterloo Township.

[19] Gideon Cornell, also a son of Bruen Cornell and his wife, Lydia, died April 2, 1846, aged 5 dys.

[20] The cemetery transcription reads: “Zum Andenken an / Mary Karm [sic] / Ehefrau von / Johann Stahlbaum / gest. Dec. 28, 1901 / Alter 81 Jahren / [verse in German]”