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Volume XXV Number 2

May 1997
















Waterloo-Wellington Branch

Ontario Genealogical Society

PO Box 43030 RPO Eastwood Sq.

Kitchener ON  N2H 6S9



12 May 1997. Amy Fisher. Preservation of Old Photographs

No meetings in June, July & August

8 Sep 1997. The 85th Anniversary of the Waterloo Historical Society!

18, 20 Oct 1997. W-W 25th Anniversary

Guelph Meetings:

26 May 1997. Reports of Meetings

10 Jun 1997. Trip to OGS Library

No meetings in July and August

8 Sep 1997. The 85th Anniversary of the Waterloo Historical Society!

18, 20 Oct 1997. W-W 25th Anniversary

Inside this Issue:

Roman Catholic Burials, Guelph, 4 Sep-31 Dec 1848

Quinsy, Screws, and Stone: What Ailed our Ancestors

Wellington County School Sections



Executive for 1997


Chair:                                               Frances Hoffman, West Montrose, 664-3670

Past Chair:                                      Charles Rand, Kitchener, 579-4397

Vice Chair:                                      Jim McKane, Waterloo, 744-0880

Vice Chair & Coord. Well Grp     George Taylor, Guelph, 824-2309

Secretary:                                        Beth Metzger, Waterloo, 746-8578

Treasurer:                                       Gary Baker, Waterloo, 885-1594

Membership:                                  Norma Huber, Cambridge, 621-8898

Branch Notes, Editor:                   Rosemary Ambrose, Kitchener, 576-7371

Branch Notes, Mailing:               Sam Weicker, Kitchener, 742-0306

Publications:                                  Dona Madill, Cambridge, 653-9987

Exhibits:                                          Ron Lambert, Kitchener, 576-5267

Members’ Interests:                      Sharon Richards, Cambridge, 653-5454

Strays:                                             Frank Vigor, Guelph, 824-4923

Nominating:                                   Charles Rand, Kitchener, 579-4397

Group Positions:

Cemeteries:  Waterloo:                 Marcella Beechey, Elmira, 669-5690


Church Records:  Waterloo:        Rosemary Ambrose, Kitchener, 576-7371

                        Wellington:            George Moore, Elora, 846-9100

Computer Resources:                   Carl Sherer, Kitchener, 744-3092

                                                         Jack Knight, Guelph, 823-1358

Enquries:   Waterloo:                    Laurie Strome, Waterloo, 884-2642

               Wellington                      Penny Cleeves, Guelph, 822-6006

Library: Waterloo:                         Thelma & Bill Barnes, Kitchener, 743-5467

              Wellington:                      Elinor Knight, Guelph, 823-1358

Programme:   Waterloo:                Donna Wall,  Cambridge, 650-2221

                   Wellington:                 Elinor Knight, Guelph, 823-1358

Publicity:  Waterloo                      Carol Goodger-Hill, Waterloo, 747-0994

              Wellington                       Frank Vigor, Guelph, 824-4923

Publications Mailing                     Norman McQuay, Kitchener, 743-6997

Publications Sales:                        Paul Pepper, Kitchener, 745-4436

Publication Sales, Wellington:    Fred Abraham, Guelph, 824-9277

Waterloo Regional Heritage Foundation Representative:

                                                         David McKnight, Kitchener, 741-8471

Welcoming:  Waterloo                 Norma Huber, Cambridge, 621-8898

                                                         Ruth Kroft, Cambridge, 653-6824

                                                         Garnet Richmond, Kitchener, 745-2588

                  Wellington                   Thelma Hornberger, Guelph, 763-4708

Rec. Secty, Wellington:               BJ Carere 822-9313; Kasey Mitchell, 822-0338

Wellington Group Finances & Indexing   Jacquie Norris, Guelph, 822-8256

                                                         Eric Hilborn, Guelph, 822-3042

Members-at-Large:                        Norman McQuay, Kitchener, 743-6997

                                                         Ryan Taylor, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Hospitality, Wellington:               Donna Speers 822-7654


Region III Director:                      Elinor Knight, Guelph, 519-823-1358

(Please Note: our area code is 519)


Waterloo-Wellington Branch

Ontario Genealogical Society

PO BOX 43030 RPO Eastwood Square

Kitchener ON  N2H 6S9   Canada

The Waterloo-Wellington Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society meets on the second Monday of the month, except in October when the meeting is the 3rd Monday due to Thanksgiving. Meetings begin at 7 p.m. in the Hamblin Rm., Level One of the Kitchener Public Library, 85 Queen St N., Kitchener ON. The Branch does not meet in June, July or August. The Wellington Group meets at the Unitarian Church, 122 Harris St. (corner of York), Guelph, at 7:30 p.m. on the 4th Monday of each month, with the exception of July, August, and December. Membership in OGS and the Branch is $47/year; Associate membership in OGS (Branch only) is $19/year.

Branch Notes is published four times per year --February, May, August, and November -- by the Waterloo-Wellington Branch, OGS. Some back issues are available at the price of $2 each from the Branch at the address above.

Branch Notes is edited by Rosemary Ambrose. Contributions are most welcome and should be received at least two months in advance (i.e. December, March, June and September). If you are using a computer, please submit your article on a 3.5” computer disk (PC only). Articles will be printed space permitting and at the discretion of the Editor.

Articles may be reprinted by non-profit organizations, unless otherwise stated, provided that credit is given to the original source.


Our thanks to the following contributors:

         Thelma Barnes                  A. Leone Hinds

         Bonnie Callen                   Norma Huber

         Ross W. Clarkson            Jacquie Norris

         Penny Cleeves                  Dorothy M. Rushing

                                                         Frank Vigor


ISSN 0393 7505




From the Chair


ow that winter has given way to spring, cemetery outings can again become part of our agenda. Please keep in mind that cemetery transcriptions do not suddenly appear on library shelves by themselves. It takes an enormous number of volunteer hours to provide such worthwhile resources. If you have the odd spare day, think about donating it to the branch. Phone Thelma Hornberger at 763-4708 or Marcella Beechey at 669-5690, and arrange to participate. Experience is not necessary. You will be taught everything there is to know about transcribing tombstones. As a bonus, you also gain a day of fresh air, companionship and fun -- all in a good cause.

Members of the branch executive are continually working behind the scenes to improve genealogical services to members of the society. OGSPI, which stands for Ontario Genealogical Society Provincial Index, is such a project. The aim is to produce a system of indexing which will eventually be adopted by all OGS branches. One of our computer resource people, Jack Knight, has agreed to take on the position of Provincial Coordinator for this. At the branch level, Gary Baker will chair our OGSPI committee. Those with special interest in computer and indexing work may wish to contact Gary at 885-1594.

As the months tick by, you will also hear more about APOLROD - the Association for the Preservation of Ontario Land Registry Office Documents. As many of you are aware, records from 1869-1955 which have been kept in registry offices are in danger of being shredded. The newly formed APOLROD group hopes to prevent any shredding. Since archives are running out of space, it is vital that storage space be found to house important Ontario Land Registry Office documents. Locally, David McKnight and Jack Knight will coordinate efforts toward this end. At some point, they may contact you to assist.

On a happier note, I am delighted to report that Anniversary Publications have begun to arrive. A huge THANK YOU to those who have worked so diligently and who have shared so generously. Publications to become part of the anniversary collection may be mailed directly to the branch, labelled “25th Anniversary Publication;” or, if you would like to save postage, Dona Madill, the publications chair, would be happy to receive them at branch meetings.

Please note that registration has begun for the 25th Anniversary celebrations. Those planning to attend both functions are offered a discount for early registration. Remember that space limits attendance to 200 people. Do plan to join us for these events. We guarantee Ryan Taylor will provide a day filled with genealogical gems and pointers. The awards dinner promises to be an evening of relaxed socializing with good food, good cheer, and entertainment. Be sure to get your registration forms filled in early. (The forms are included with this newsletter.)

Frances Hoffman, Chair.



Editor’s Comments

AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Elinor Knight, of the Waterloo-Wellington Branch, was elected Region III Director on April 19, 1997, at the annual meeting of the Region.

Our Chair, Frances Hoffman, has provided the following information: For German-English translation, including Fraktur and Old German Cursive writing, contact Michael Zimmerman, Ph.D. (German), at 519-746-8077. Cost: 10 cents/word, $15 for first page; negotiable.

If you would like to participate in a possible Branch e-mail directory, please contact Jim McKane at:


Here is an interesting World Wide Web address which may be of use. It gives a user access to information from telephone directories in the United States [full address and telephone number, including zip code]:          http://www.four11.com

For information from Canadian telephone directories [full address and telephone number; postal codes not included]:              http://canada411.sympatico.ca



Branch News


*   12 May 1997. Amy Fisher, of “Creative Memories.” A talk and workshop relating to preservation of old photographs of a photo album size.

*   No meetings in June, July, and August.

*   8 September 1997. Join members of the Waterloo Historical Society to celebrate the 85th anniversary of WHS. At Home Hardware Auditorium, St. Jacobs. Tours of the facility begin at 7 p.m.; meeting begins at 8 p.m. Programme includes a talk by Dr. Geoffrey Hayes; slide presentation by Susan Hoffman; and visits with Sir James Whitney, Sir Adam Beck, William Lyon Mackenzie King, and others!

*   18 & 20 Oct 1997. W-W 25th Anniversary

Wellington Group Meetings:

*   26 May 1997. Reports of Region III Annual Meeting and of Seminar ’97.

*   10 Jun 1997. OGS Library, Canadiana Room, North York PL. Call Eleanor Knight, (519) 823-1358.

*   No meetings in July and August.

*   8 September 1997. Join members of the Waterloo Historical Society to celebrate the 85th anniversary of WHS. At Home Hardware Auditorium, St. Jacobs. Tours of the facility begin at 7 p.m.; meeting begins at 8 p.m. Programme includes a talk by Dr. Geoffrey Hayes; slide presentation by Susan Hoffman; and visits with Sir James Whitney, Sir Adam Beck, William Lyon Mackenzie King, and others!

*   22 September 1997. To be announced.

*   18 & 20 Oct 1997. W-W 25th Anniversary.


Frank Vigor has written about the new meeting place for the Wellington Group meetings. The building, on Harris Street at York Road, is now the Unitarian Church, but it originally was built as a small Anglican church. It later served as a day-care centre until put to its present use.

Frank also would like to remind members to send in information about STRAYS. This would include information gleaned from local records of events, from births, deaths, marriages, Censuses, memorials, obituaries, etc. Collection boxes can be found in the Grace Schmidt Local History Room at the Kitchener Public Library, in the Guelph Public Library, and at the Family History Centre of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints in Kitchener – or mailed to the Branch at the address on the front page of this newsletter. Please use a format similar to the following:


Full Name of the Person________________________

Place of Birth/Residence________________________

Type of Event__________________________________

Date of Event__________________________________

Place of Event_________________________________

Full Reference________________________________



News from the Wellington Group

THE EXTRACTING OF BIRTHS, MARRIAGES AND DEATHS from all available copies of Wellington County newspapers has now completed its second year and over 14,000 items have been placed on the Wellington Group’s computer in the Guelph Public Library and in the Kitchener Public Library.

We wish to say “thank you” to all of our volunteers who are: Extractors: Nola Clark, Burlington; Ivan Tarzwell, Trenton; Betty Rogers, Mississauga; Joy Kern, Wallaceburg; Jane Marshall, Sudbury; Shirley & Ross Small, Fergus; Pat Pletch, Rockwood; Fred Abraham, Guelph; Perry Cockburn, Guelph; Proof
Janey Roberts, Penny Cleeves, Walter Jutte, Tom Synott, Kay Newstead, Mary Deverell, Rose Doucet – all of Guelph. Newspaper Clipper: Norma Moore, Elora. Computer Workers: Thelma Hornberger, Gail Maginnis, Kay Newstead, Kasey Mitchell, Jacquie Norris, Jack Knight - all of Guelph.

Our goal for 1997 is to add 25,000 entries to the computer. We will need many volunteers to work at extracting the BDM, especially at the Wellington County Museum and Archives. Please consider giving us one day of extracting and we will have no problem meeting our 1997 target.

A very special thank you goes to Jack Knight for his computer expertise to this project. Without you, Jack, we would never have gotten as far as we have at this time.

Jacqueline McDonald Norris UE OGS #673L

Chairman, BMD Project

A letter from Ross W. Clarkson: “I came across an item that may be of interest to some members. It is an unnumbered entry between #020513 and #020514 in the 1908 Ontario marriage records, and would not, I presume, appear in the Index.

“BLYTH, Colin McDonald, farmer, bachelor, 24, Presbyterian, of Guelph Township, s/o Robert BLYTH, farmer, and Mary SEIFRIED, to LAIRD, Florence Maggie, spinster, 20, Presbyterian, of Guelph Township, d/o John LAIRD, farmer, and Mary SANDERSON, on 03 June 1908, at Guelph Township, by Rev. W.G. WILSON. Witnesses were George W. BLYTH of Marden and Jessie M. LAIRD of Guelph.

Newspaper Extraction Gem:

From The Colonial Advocate, Monday, May 23, 1825:

Marriage: at Chinguacousy on the 19th inst. By John Scott, Esq., Mr. Thomas Brown, aged 71 to Mrs. Jane More, aged 67. This happy couple will have only one tooth betwixt them.

Last Minute Bulletin. The Ontario Vital Statistics Index is now in the Guelph Public Library!!!


New In the Branch Library

(The Branch Library is located in the Grace Schmidt Room in the Kitchener Public Library.)

From Thelma Barnes, Branch Librarian:

“Sam Weicker, W-W #3 and OGS #75, was the first member to hand in a new family history, Weicker Genealogy, by Sam Weicker, January 1997. People who are unable to attend meetings do not realize how much Sam has done for the organization over the years. In 1976 he took on the position of mailing Branch Notes. At that time there were just over 100 members and postage was 6 cents. Branch membership cost $4 and OGS membership cost $12. Looking over old copies of Branch Notes, you will see Sam’s name on a regular basis donating material to the organization. A very special thank-you, Sam, for all your time and knowledge you have shared with us, and God bless.”

Donations to the Branch library:

History of Sydenham Township. (Donated by Sharon Richards)

The New England 150 Year Historical & Genealogical Register. (Donated by Charles Rand)

The Armagh Museum Records. (Donated by Jim McKane)

Weicker Genealogy. (25th Anniversary donation, by Same Weicker)

The Descendants of Hans Jacob Hagey. (25th Anniversary donation,  by Henry L. Hagey)

Strays. Vol. 1. Index to the Strays Project. (Donated by OGS)

Genealogical Sources in the Douglas Library, Kingston, Ontario.

Brockville Old Protestant Cemetery. Established 1861.

The Brockville Gazette 1828-1832. Volume 1.

Ontario Register. Volume 4, Number 4, Lanark Co.

Early Marriage Records of New Brunswick.

Nova Scotia Immigrants to 1867.

Local Census Listings 1522-1930. Holdings in the British Isles.

The New Brunswick Genealogical Society 1993 Search List. (Donated by Richard Gillians)

The Body and the Bell. A Riddle of Old Southampton. (Donated by Jim McKane)

Mennonite Immigration to Waterloo County. The Moyer Journal.

Early Settlers of Waterloo County. A Genealogy.

WANTED by the Editor of BRANCH NOTES :


Have you a favourite genealogy-type story – a story about finding a long-lost relative; a mystery; a story about a research trip; about a successful, or unsuccessful, search for an ancestor? If you have, please send it to the Editor of Branch Notes, c/o the Waterloo-Wellington Branch OGS, at the address shown on the cover of this newsletter. Submissions should be no more than 2,000 words; typed, double-spaced, and printed on one side of each page. There will be prizes in the form of Branch publications for the top three entries, which will be judged by a panel of the Branch Executive. Successful articles will be published in Branch Notes. Deadline: 31 December 1997.


Important dates

*   June 1-6, 1997. Genealogy Summer Camp, in Toronto, hosted by the Toronto Branch. Write: “Summer Camp,” OGS Toronto Branch, PO Box 581, Station K, Toronto ON  M4P 2G9, or call Jane MacNamara at 416-463-9103.

*   June 6, 7, 8, 1997. The Quebec Family History Society presents “Roots 97”, an International Conference on Genealogy and Family History in Quebec. At McGill University, Montreal, Quebec. For further info, contact The Quebec Family History Society, P.O. Box 1026, Pointe Claire, QC  H9S 4H9; telephone: 514-695-1502.

*   September 3-6, 1997. Federation of Genealogical Societies. 1997 Conference. “Unlock your heritage with creative problem solving.” Hyatt Regency Hotel, Dallas TX USA.

*   20 September 1997, 9 a.m. Annual Fall Event. Grey & Bruce Branch. Durham Memorial Arena. Art Harvey, 355 Beatty Ave., Owen Sound ON N4K 6K3.

*   Departure date: 26 September 1997-11 October 1997. Frank Hankins’ 12th Annual Research Tour  to London, England. Write to him at Southridge, 509 Morning Rd., RR 2, Newmarket ON  L3Y 4Y9, or call 905-895-8438.

*   September 27, 1997. Norfolklore ’97. 21st Annual Genealogy Fair, in the historic Simcoe Armouries building, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

*   Departure date: 12 October 1997. 8th annual Family Tree Tour to Salt Lake City, for one or two weeks. Write organizer, Jane MacNamara, 11 Howland Rd., Toronto ON  M4K 1Z4, or call 416-463-9103.

*   October 18 & 20, 1997. 25 Anniversary Celebrations of Waterloo-Wellington Branch OGS.

*   Future Annual General Meetings of OGS: 1998, London; 1999, Mississauga; and 2000, Ottawa.

*   May 24, 25, 26 & 27, 2001. OGS Seminar 2001. “Coming Home (Again) to Waterloo.” Hosted by the Waterloo-Wellington Branch.

New publications from the Waterloo-Wellington Branch

Postage & Handling. $3.25 for each book; $2 for each 3.5” disk; plus $.50 for each additional book or disk. From outside Canada, please remit in U.S. funds. Orders are to be sent to the Branch at the address given on the front cover of this newsletter.

1.    Early Settlers of Waterloo County. A Genealogy. Written by Samuel S. Moyer, c.1887-1891, transcribed by Lee Sherry, 1994. 150 pgs $25; computer disk $12. GEDCOM (Disk #10), disk $10.

2.    Mennonite Immigration to Waterloo County. The Moyer Journal. Attributed to Samuel S. Moyer, c.1887-1891, transcribed by Lee Sherry, 1994, and edited by Gordon V. Ambrose, 1996. 50 pages $10; computer disk $5.

3.    Wellington County Directory and Gazetteer 1867. Index. Compiled by David Charles Pike, 1996. 62 pages $10.50; computer disk $5.

4.    Mennonites in the 1901 Census of the County of Waterloo. An Alphabetical listing of some 6100 names of persons in the 1901 Census of Waterloo whose religion was shown as Mennonite. Book $15; disk [in ASCII format] $7.



Gleanings from Other Newsletters

(Newsletters are in Periodicals, Reference Section, Kitchener Public Library.)

From Ancestor Hunting, Sudbury Branch OGS, Vol. 18, No. 3, pg, 7, January 1997: The Anglican Church Archives for the Diocese of Algoma and Moosonee are being moved to Laurentian University, Sudbury. Included are burial, marriage and baptism records.

Ontario Historical Society Bulletin. March-April 1997, pg. 3. Watch for news of the Faith and Heritage Conestoga Trek from Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Fort Erie, Ontario in June and July to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the original migration by retracing the route with horse-drawn conestoga wagons. For further information: Girve Fretz, (905) 894-2946.

Note: The following article came from Cockney Ancestors, the Journal of The East of London Family History Society, No. 27, Summer 1995, and was submitted as of possible interest to our members by Thelma Barnes. Thank you Thelma!


by Brian George (CA Member 598)

Robert Barltrop’s “Who is entitled to a name? in CA 25 made me consider some of the odder entries I have found while rummaging through old records.

I always jot down peculiarities or amusing snippets while researching. I wonder, for instance, if anyone is trying to find Silvanus Pike, a 69 year-old vermin killer from Brimpton, Berks., who was living with his wife in Pamber Lane Tent (not far from Basingstoke) at the time of the 1861 Census..

The parish records of churches both north and south of the Thames seem to have numerous cases of a ‘man unknown found drowned’ in their burial records – no doubt an unsolvable problem for some frustrated family historian.

The name problem came home to me when recently I looked through some of the baptism registers for St. George in the East. The first notable feature is the number of ‘baseborn’ children of girls in St. George’s workhouse. Possibly as a result of that, it is then apparent how many small children seemed to be abandoned (no statistical survey, this, just a subjective comment).

The vicar of St. George’s, the Reverend B. Kind, used the name George for a boy and Mary for a girl – after the two local churches, St. George and St. Mary, in Whitechapel. The surnames seemed to differ! On 31 December 1856 George Porter was baptized. He was ‘left at the gate of the workhouse on the night of November 2nd, 1856, being then apparently 6 weeks old.’ Was he found by the Porter?

The most popular surnames, however, came from streets where babies were found. Examples go as follows:

Baptized 6th September 1854 George Wiltshire ‘found in Wiltshire Lane, Wapping about 3 months ago, about 6 or 7 months old.’

Baptized 7th November 1855 George Russell ‘found in Russell Court on June 27th 1855. Supposed to be about 10 months old.’ Also on that date, George New Court ‘found in New Court, Meeting House Alley, on May 25th 1855, supposed to be about one month.’

Baptized 5th February 1856 Mary Russell ‘found in Russell Court, about 18 months old.’ I suppose this could lead searchers to believe that George and Mary were related if they did not have access to these records.

More difficult to name was George (no surname), baptized on 27th April 1855 ‘found in Old Gravel Lane on 5th April 1855 and supposed then to be about 9 months of age.’ Does the Society have members called Mr. and Mrs. Old Gravel Lane who are stuck in the Whitechapel area?

Several of these entries are marked ‘conditional baptism,’ and I suppose children could have been reclaimed by their real parents. Nevertheless, it seems probable that some of these surnames have been handed down to present-day generations

If that has happened, these children mark an interesting but frustrating end to one line of enquiry. But not, I think, as frustrating as the entry found in All Saints’ Poplar, for 14th May 1848, marked simply: ‘Participants left before registering!’

Office of National Statistics (London, England) is moving. Family Tree Magazine, December 1996, pg. 5, reports the following: “The Office of National Statistics [formerly housed at St. Catherine’s House, The Strand] and the Public Record Office’s Census Rooms are to be moved to a new location at Myddleton Place. It is hoped that the two departments will be open to the public in the new location in the Spring of 1997. The address is: Myddleton Place, Myddleton Road [off Rosebery Avenue], Islington EC1, London, England. The new location is close to the Sadlers Wells Theatre and a few minutes walk from Angel Tube Station on the Northern Line. It is close to the Greater London Record Office and the Society of Genealogists.” Facilities are to include a central information point, a shop, and refreshment facilities.

FYI: The Office of National Statistics mailing address for enquiries from overseas is: General Register Office, PO Box 2, Southport, Merseyside PR8 2JD, England. This office will provide information similar to that received in person at the ONS at Myddleton Place. Researchers are reminded to provide the following information which can be found in the Index to the British Civil Registration, available at many Family History Centres of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Quarter/Year, Volume Number/Page Number, and District. Write to Southport for the necessary forms, and return the completed form(s) with cheque or postal order (made payable to ONS); payment can also be made by Access, Visa, Master or Switch card.

Doing English Research? The following information is from a bulletin written by Geoffrey Copus, and received from England. It is regarding the current IGI for some entries prior to 1558: “… item 5 on reel number 1042458 is a film of the registers of Farnborough, not Chelsfield. All of the entries on the current IGI before 1558 which appear as being from [Chelsfield] in fact refer to Farnborough – there are no existing registers for Chelsfield earlier than 1558. All entries in the current IGI from 1558 to 1652 which are attributed to Chelsfield should be viewed with suspicion since in fact many are from Farnbrough. The previous IGI was correct. Farnborough is in Hampshire, bordering Surrey. (From Hamilton Branch, Volume 28, No. 1, February 1997, pg. 7.)



News from our local resources

Kitchener Public Library

Recent Acquisitions in the Grace Schmidt Room of Local History.

*   Kalbfleisch, Raymond W. The Bickel Book, including genealogies of the following main branches: Boettger, Buck, Heipel, Helwig, and Kalbfleisch lines. The author, 1996 revision of the 1982 edition.

*   Breithaupt, Th., collector. Chronicle of the Breithaupt Family, Volume II. Hannover: Schlüersche Buckdruckerei, 1903.

*   Ambrose, Rosemary W. Dumfries Reformer. Notices of Births, Marriages, Deaths 1860-1865. Kitchener, Ontario: The Author, 1997.

*   Ptolemy, David. The Panabaker Family, and Related Genealogies: Holm, Wanner, Cober, Clemens. Other family names are: Ptolemy, Goudie, Detweiller, Mosser, Tyson, Witmer, Zeigler, Rife (Reiff), Hiestand, Bachman, Umstadt, Sellen, Kolb, Schnebelli, Eversole.

*   Schmidt, James W. 100 Years of the Ayr News and Ayr. 1996.





Wellington County Museum & Archives

Bonnie Callen has sent the following guide to Wellington County school sections. Bonnie writes: The guide provides lot and concession numbers for the various school sections that existed in Wellington County prior to consolidation. Many genealogists have found this guide invaluable in determining the school section that their ancestors most likely attended. When the correct S.S. number is ascertained, genealogists can consult the appropriate school registers, if they have survived. Please note that we would appreciate any additions or corrections to this guide. (Note: a list of the school registers was published in the August 1996 issue of Branch Notes, on pg. 37.)


A Guide to School Sections in the County of Wellington

(prepared by volunteers at the Wellington County Museum and Archives)


MUNICIPALITY                 S.S.#            ALTERNATE NAME                             LOT               CONCESSION

Arthur Township                    1                Kerry                                                            19                         8

Arthur Township                    2                Stone School                                                 31                         O.S.R.

Arthur Township                    3                Sacred Heart School; Kennilworth                21                         O.S.R.

Arthur Township                    4                Riverstone School                                         11                         O.S.R.

Arthur Township                    5                Tollgate School                                             4                           10

Arthur Township                    6                Clare School; Ghent School                          7                           5

Arthur Township                    7                Farewell School                                             13                         11

Arthur Township                    8                                                                                      25                         5

Arthur Township                    9                                                                                      4                           1

Arthur Township                    10                                                                                    12                         2

Arthur Township                    11              Wagram School                                             22                         11

Arthur Township                    12              Gordonville School                                       27                         1

Arthur Township                    15              Conn                                                             1                           1

Arthur Township                    16              Lyons School                                                9                           12

Arthur Township                    17                                                                                    22                         12

Arthur Township                    18              West Luther Township                                1                           8

Arthur Village                                            Arthur High School

Arthur Village                                            Arthur District High School

Arthur Village                                            St. John Separate School

Arthur Village                                            Arthur Public School

Arthur Village                          1                Arthur Separate School

Clifford                                                      Clifford Continuation School

Clifford                                                      Clifford Public School

Drayton                                                     Union

Elora                                                          Academy

Elora                                                          Elora Public School

Elora                                                          Elora Girls’ School

Elora                                                          Elora Grammar School

Elora                                                          Model School

Elora                                                          St. Margaret’s Private Girls’ School

Elora                                                          Elora High School

Elora                                                          St. Mary’s Separate School (1866)

Elora                                                          Kindergarten

Elora                                                          St. John’s Boy’s School, later St. Johns Kilmarnock

Elora                                                          Elora High School

Elora                                                          Elora Senior Public School

Eramosa Township                                   Rockwood Academy

Eramosa Township                 1                                                                                      5                           1

Eramosa Township                 2                                                                                      13                         2

Eramosa Township                 3                                                                                      20                         2

Eramosa Township                 4                Speedside School                                          27                         1

Eramosa Township                                                                                                    27                         3

Eramosa Township                 5                Shiloh School                                                29                         6

Eramosa Township                 6                                                                                      20                         6

Eramosa Township                 7                Everton School                                              13                         6

Eramosa Township                 8                                                                                      6                           6

Eramosa Township                 9                Rockwood                                                     5                           4

Eramosa Township                 10                                                                                    13                         4

Erin Township                        1                                                                                      6                           10

Erin Township                        2                Orton                                                            32                         4

Erin Township                        3                Binkham                                                        23                         10

Erin Township                        4                Peacock (1869)                                             5                           7

Erin Township                        5                Coningsbay                                                   19                         6

Erin Township                        6                Hillsburgh (1844)                                                                     

Erin Township                        7                Cedarvale (1842)                                           8                           5

Erin Township                        8                Greenoch (1851)                                           5                           2

Erin Township                        9                Aurey’s School (1833)                                 18                         2

Erin Township                        10              Woodside                                                      2                           4

Erin Township                        11              Ninth Line School (1888)                             30                         9

Erin Township                        12              May’s School                                               27                         6

Erin Township                        13              Ospringe                                                       13                         2

Erin Township                        14              Mimosa                                                         28                         2

Erin Township                        15              Union                                                                                        

Erin Township                        16              Brisbane                                                        13                         8

Erin Village                                                Erin Public School; Erin Continuation School

Erin Village                                                Stone School (1856)

Erin Village                                                Erin High School

Fergus                                                        Separate School

Fergus                                                        Fergus High School

Fergus                                                        Fergus Public School

Fergus                                                        Fergus Grammar School

Fergus                                                        Centre Wellington District High School

Fergus                                                        Stone School

Fergus                                                        Log School

Guelph Township                                     MacDonald Consolidated                             5                           2

Guelph Township                   2                Watson’s School                                           6                           9

Guelph Township                   3                Marden School                                              14                         3

Guelph Township                                                                                                      14                         5

Guelph Township                   5                                                                                      11                         2

Guelph Township                   6                                                                                      4                           3

Guelph Township                   11                                                                                    5                           2

Harriston                                                   Log School

Harriston                                                   Harriston High School

Harriston                                                   Minto-Clifford Central School

Harriston                                                   Harriston Public School

Maryborough Township        1                Lebanon                                                        5                           3

Maryborough Township        2                Upper 4th                                                     7                           5

Maryborough Township        3                Hollen

Maryborough Township        4                Upper 8th                                                     5                           9

Maryborough Township        5                Upper 10th                                                   5                           11

Maryborough Township        6                Lower 12th                                                   14                         12

Maryborough Township        7                Upper 14th                                                   7                           15

Maryborough Township        8                Union School; Riverbank                              18                         16

Maryborough Township        9                Lower 8th                                                     14                         8

Maryborough Township        10              Upper 12th                                                   5                           12

Maryborough Township        11              Lower 3rd                                                     14                         3

Maryborough Township        12              Moorefield School (1881)                             10                         8

Maryborough Township        13              Upper 6th                                                     8                           6

Maryborough Township        14              Lower 14th                                                   14                         15

Maryborough Township        15              Rothsay (1873)

Maryborough Township        17              Lower 10th                                                   14                         11

Maryborough Township        18              Lower 4th                                                     14                         4

Maryborough Township        19              Lower 6th (1876)                                          12                         7

(Remainder of guide to be published in Branch Notes, August 1997.)


City of Cambridge Archives

Microfilm Series MS14, at the Archives:

Reel 1: Municipal Records 1842-1895, which include:

Dumfries Township Assessment, 1850

South Dumfries Township Collector’s Roll, 1852

North Dumfries Township Assessment, 1855, 1871

South Dumfries Township Collector’s Roll, 1895

Statute Labour Certificates (73 items), 1842

Church Records

Trinity Anglican Church (Galt)

      Vestry Minute Book, 1877-1915

      Parish Registers

              Baptisms, Confirmations, Marriages, Burials

              1850-1864, 1864-1873, 1874-1888

Reel 2:  1889-1908, 1908-1915

Wesley United Church (Galt)

      Trustees Minute Book, 1897-1924

      Women’s Missionary Society, Secretary’s Book, 1888-1898

      Circuit Registers (register of members) 1888-1893, 1894-1902

      Marriage Register (Galt Division), 1888-1897

Reel 3:                                                   1897-1904

Pamphlets on Church history (4)

Dickson Records, 1817-1869 Record Books belonging to Hon. William Dickson (1769-1846), Lawyer at Newark [now Niagara-on-the-Lake], member of the Legislative Council of Upper Canada, purchaser of Dumfries Township on July 3, 1816; and to his son, William Dickson Jr. (1799-1878), resident of Galt and manager of the family estate. [Not indexed. The originals are at the Archives of Ontario.]

Ledger A              1817-1826

Ledger B              1824-1826

Ledger C              1826-1834

Ledger D              1834-1838

Reel 4:

Ledger B(2)    1836-1843

Not Lettered  1843-1860

Petty Ledger  1825-1827

Cash Book           1857-1869

Day Books          1824-1829, 1829-1831

Reel 5:

                             1831-1835, 1834-1835

Miscellaneous. North Dumfries Plowing Match Book, 1855-1877. Rules and Prize Lists. In back of volume are miscellaneous clippings on local history, poetry, obits, current events, 1896-1903.




More of Interest

Ryan Taylor of the Allen County Public Library, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, has sent a message about a recent publication, an Index to the Bowman Family. The original book, published in 1886, was an historical and memorial volume from the earliest traditions of the Bowman family of Pennsylvania to 1886; it has been indexed by Randall M. MacDonald. The Index, published by Genealogical Indexers, Lakeland Florida in 1997, is available from the publisher at 4310 Creekglen Lane, Lakeland FL 33811.

Two new Waterloo County Publications. 1) Hayes, Geoffrey. Waterloo County 1852-1972. An Illustrated History. Prepublication price: $55. If you wish to order a copy, please write to Waterloo Historical Society, c/o Fran McIntosh, 555 Leighland Dr., Waterloo ON  N2T 2H4. 2) Knowles, Paul, and Susan Hoffman. Kitchener. A City with a Past. $25. To order a copy, please write to English Garden Publishers, 61 Seyler St., New Hamburg ON  N0B 2G0 (519-662-6757).

For Home and Country. The Centennial History of the Women’s Institutes in Ontario, By Linda M. Ambrose. To purchase a copy, write: Federated Women’s Institutes of Ontario (FWIO), 7382 Wellington Road 30, RR 5, Guelph ON  N1H 6J2; tel: (519) 836-3078.

Restoration of St., James Anglican Church Cemetery, Sutton. Any readers with relatives resting in the cemetery are asked to forward name of deceased and location of grave to Cemetery Committee, St. James Anglican Church, PO Box 88, Sutton ON  L0E 1R0.



John T. Fowle, 5900 Nancy Greene Way, North Vancouver BC  V7R 4N4, has been asked to locate a family member to whom the Hazelton Family Bible might be returned. The Bible was presented “to Madam Hazelton by the Rev’d P. Foley on March 18, 1834.” An entry prior to this date reads “John Hazelton married to Eleanor Walsh, in the City of Montreal, the 18th day of June 1807.” This entry is followed by six names, probably children, from 1808-1826. Another page is headed “James Hazelton married to Mary Harris in Hamilton, January 3, 1847.” The page has birth names (15) and dates, as well as death dates. Dates on the page are 1849-1874.

According to Penny Cleeves of the Wellington Group, Mary (Harris) Hazelton and James Hazelton, and eight of their children, appear on gravestones in St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Guelph. The family is in the 1871 Census.

From The Glove Thursday, February 23, 1854:

*   At Elora, on the 7th instant, by the Rev. J. Armstrong, Mr. Edward Flewwelling to Miss Mary Medcalf, both of Nichol.

*   In Elora, on Tuesday last, by the Rev. J. Smithhurst, Mr. John McKeeman, to Miss Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. William Graham, all of Maryborough.

*   On the 2nd instant, by the Rev. J.J. Braine, Mr. Alexander Cuthbert to Miss Ann Burt, all of Guelph.

*   By the Rev. J.J. Braine, of the Congregational Church, on the 28th ultimo, Mr. George Skarratt, of Eramosa, to Miss Maria Orange, of Guelph.

*   In Paisley Block, Guelph, on the 3rd instant, by the Rev. R. Torrance, Mr. Alexander Bruce to Miss Margaret Anderson.

Family Reunions

LOUKS/LOUCKS FAMILY ASSOCIATION. The next biennial reunion will be held on July 4-5, 1997 at Upper Canada Village, Morrisburg, Ontario. All those seeking to establish family ties or having genealogy information, please contact: Barbara Dundas, 40 Nickerson Avenue, St. Catharines, Ontario L2M 3M4, telephone: 905-937-4402, or Marj Daechsel, 938 Mountainview Ave., Ottawa ON K2B 5G4, telephone 613-596-1471.


Blough/Plough Family Reunion


We are planning a reunion in 1998 for all descendants of John Blough/Plough who came to Vaughan Township from Somerset County, Pennsylvania, about 1832. There are few left with the Blough surname. We would like to be in touch with anyone who has any Blough/Plough background, or knows of anyone who has.


Please contact Norma Huber OGS #3312

8 Dudhope Ave., Cambridge ON N1R 4T1 Canada





Queries   ???????

MENCK/MINK/MANK FAMILY. Archie H. Stevens, 2196 Ausable Point Rd., East Tawas MI 48730 USA, 517-739-7006, is searching for info on the John & Mary Meck Family. John Menck, b. Apr 7, 1826, Prussia, Germany, d. Mar 21, 1902 Huron Twp & Co. MI, bur New River Cemetery; & his wife Mary (née Witting), b. Aug 2, 1830, Prussia, Germany, d. Dec 9, 1896 Huron Twp. & Co. MI, bur. New River Cemetery. Ch, b. in Canada: 1) Jacob, b. 2 Jan 1885, d. 14 Nov 1871; 2) Sophia, b. 19 Nov 1857, m. Archie Morrison Jr. 2 Aug 1876, d. 22 Jan 1936; 3) Elizabeth, b. 27 Oct 1858, m. Charles E. McDonald 4 Oct 1876; d. 12 Oct 1912; 4) Samuel, b. 11 Apr 1861, d. 18 Jun 1888; 5) John Jr., b. 1 Apr 1864; 6) Mary, b. 6 Nov 1867; 7) Evangeline b. Mar 1871, d. ?.

STRASBURGER/BEHRINGER/URSTADT/STEIN-METZ. B. Edlington, 303-9975 Fifth Street, Sidney BC V8L 2X6, is looking for any information on the following families: George Strasburger, d. 1866; wife Henrietta Behringer, d. 1879, New Hamburg, Ontario (would like whereabouts of homestead). Dau Mina m. Heinrich Urstadt 1866 in Waterloo; he operated grocery store on King St., Waterloo in 1864 & later on Erb St. (whereabouts?) until 1894. Home on Albert St. behind Mutual Life. Also Charles/Carl Steinmetz, d. 1866, wife Catherine, d. 1915 Baden (where homestead?), son George, 1856-1928, operated repair shop Queen St. S., Kitchener. ALSO would the person who spoke to me at the Kitchener OGS meeting November 11, 1996, about the name Edlington, please contact Barbara Edlington at her address above.



Blanche Moser, RR 3, Wellesley ON  N0B 2T0, 519-699-4204, e-mail: bmoser@sentex.net, writes with the following query: Waechter, Stephen (1844-1944) farmed lot 24 con 9 Carrick, m. Anna Dorscht (1846-1928); had 9 ch: Louis, m. Caroline Weber; John J., m. Cecilia Fischer & Pauline Kieffer; Barbara, m. Anthony Weber; Pauline, m. Joseph Weber; Carolina, m. Charles Knapp; Mary, m. Anthony St. Marie & Simon Hergott; Annie Marie, m. Benedict Rich; Matilda, m. M.A. Reid; Stephan d. age 6.

COUCH. Sally E. Stewart, 8838 Forest Park Drive, Sidney BC V8L 5A8, is looking for information about: James H. Couch, b. England, m. c. 1868 Eliza Jane ?? (b. Ontario). Two ch: Mary Jane & James Hillman. Eliza Jane died. James H. remarried, mvd to Teeswater, Bruce Co.; had 2nd family. Would like to hear from possible relatives.


Arlyn Montgomery, RR 1 Belgrave ON  N0G 1E0, writes for info abt George Kleinknecht, b. 31 Oct 1801 Wurtemburg, Germany, em PA c.1818, then to Waterloo Co. In 1826 in Waterloo Co. m. Susanna(h) Hamacher (b. c.6 July 1805, d/o Peter Hamacher Jr. & Elizabeth Shaefer, who lvd Lancaster Co. PA until 1805, then farmed nr Doon). George & Susannah farmed at Wilmot Centre 1831-1834, S Pt Lot 14 Bleams St. N., Wilmot Twp; by 1842 at Lingelbach, Lot 11, Con 1, South Easthope Twp., Perth Co. George d. 16 Apr 1874; Susanna d. 21 Nov 1894; both bur Lingelbach Cem, South Easthope Twp. Ch: 1) Mary Elisabeth, b. c.1827, m. c.1844 Howell Powell,  of North Easthope Twp; mvd c. 1850 Stanley Twp. (Varna), Huron Co.; 2) Hannah, b. c.1831; 3) Female child, b. c.1832/33; d. by 1834; 4) Magdalena, 1834-1916; 5) Moses, b. c.5 Mar 1836; d. 18 Jul 1865; farmed Lot 11 Con 1, South Easthope Twp.; 6) Susannah; 7) Mariah (b. c.1840); & 8) Aaron, b. c. 1843/44; in 1867 & 1870/71 directories: tanner in Shakespeare.

KLEINKNECHT/POWELL/WELLER. John Powell, b. c.10 Jul 1845 North Easthope Twp., s/o Howell Powell & Elisabeth Kleinknecht, Varna, Stanley Twp., Huron Co. A carpenter/cabinet maker. Married 17 Oct 1867 Frances (Fanny) Lewis Weller (b. c.28 Nov 1842 England, d/o James & Eliza Weller, of Berlin, Waterloo Co.). William first child of John & Fanny, b. 1868 Kitchener. Fam back in Varna 1869; 1873 mvd to Clinton. John d. 13 Dec 1910; Fanny d. 28 Feb 1907; both bur Clinton Cem. Ch: 1) William (Bill) James, b. 1868 Kitchener; 2) Lila Jane, b. 1870; 3) Susanna (Suzie) Elizabeth, b. 1876); 4) Wroxena (Wroxie) Content, b. 1878; & Mabel, b. 1880. Arlyn Montgomery, RR 1 Belgravia ON  N0G 1E0, would like any info on Weller fam & on John Powell’s time in Kitchener.              e-mail: amontgom@wcl.on.ca

FLEMING/RAYMANN. Fleming: George & family came from Scotland c.1850s. Raymann: Michael & brothers came from Germany via USA c.1840. Any information on the above two families would be appreciated by Della Sanders, PO Box 220, Aneroid SK S0N 0C0. Telephone: (306) 588-2576; FAX: (306) 588-2215; or E-mail: jsanders@sk.sympatico.ca.



Members’ Interests

SAMMONS/RUNNS. Leanne Reckewitz, 184 Walnut Street, Collingwood ON  L9Y 3C6, is interested in Sammons, 1840s-, Nassagaweya Twp.; and Runns, Puslinch Twp.

WATKINS/GREER/FOOTE. Ginny Haysom, 27 Second Ave., Ottawa ON  K1S 2H2, is interested in Joseph Vaughan Watkins, 1891-1931; Margaret Jane (née Greer) Watkins, 1891-1939; Charles Harold Watkins, 1892-; David Dorwin Foote, 1893-; and Olive Evelyn May Foote. All of the Fergus area.

McKAY. Kenneth L. Cunningham, PO Box 232, 20,340 Leslie St., Queensville ON  L0G 1R0, is interested in Mark S. McKay, b. 29 Feb 1848 in Scotland, lived in Galt 1881-1941, d. 1941; woolen manufacturer.

BEATTIE/COCKBURN/McKERACHER. Perry Cock-burn, 1242 Gordon St., Guelph ON  N1H 6H9, 519-763-4885, is interested in: 1) BEATTIE families, 1834-1900, Puslinch Twp., Wellington Co., & North Dumfries Twp., in Waterloo Co., & other areas; 2) All COCKBURN families from 1834-present, Puslinch Twp., Wellington Co.; 3) McKERACHER families 1858-1899, Puslinch Twp., Wellington Co.

CLUTE/JONES/VINCENT/WILDMAN. Elizabeth Cockburn, 1242 Gordon St., Guelph ON  N1H 6H9, 519-763-4885, is interested in: 1) Peter Clute, 1880s or earlier, Ontario; 2) Annie Jones in England & Ontario c.1890s; 3) James T. Vincent & family, mid-1850s, England & Montreal; and 4) Francis Alexis Wildman, mid-1800s in New York State.

CONNERY/PIKE/PYKE/STRICKLAND. Kay Newstead, 141 Renfield St., Guelph ON  N1E 4B1, 519-821-5152, is interested in: 1) John CONNERY, b. England, d. Belfast, Ireland c.1935; 2) Pyke or Pike, m. a Strickland; b. & res in Newfoundland, d. 1920s in Channel, Newfoundland; and 3) John Strickland, b. England, lvd & died early 1900s in Channel, Newfoundland.

LANDSBOROUGH/McKINNON/REID. Bob Lands-borough, 97 Lake Ave., Acton ON  L7J 1G1, is interested in: 1) LANDSBOROUGH families, 1800-1970, Halton, Ontario, Galloway, Scotland (Kircudbright), England, USA, & Australia; and 2) Neil McKinnon, 1850-1950 Erin Twp., Wellington Co.; and 3) Reid families 1850-1950, Erin Twp., Wellington Co., & Isle Ilay, Scotland.

TODD. Ivadel Todd, 8 Hastings Blvd., Guelph ON  N1E 4G4, 519-821-2503, is interested in: Thomas Todd, b. c1798 Ireland; 1832 to Crowland Twp., Niagara area; mvd 1849 to Brant Twp., Bruce Co., d. 1887 Walkerton, Bruce Co.

BECHTEL/GABEL/GEHMAN/TRAUB. Donna Tur-ner, PO Box 520, Ucluelet BC  V0R 3A0 is interested in 1) Jacob Bechtel & Elizabeth Gabel, m. c.1792 in Pennsylvania; came to Blair, Ont. 1800; 2) Solomon Gehman, b. Montgomery Co., PA, & Catharine Bechtel; m. 1828 Waterloo Co.; & 3) David Traub, b. Lehigh Co. PA, & Hannah Gehman, b. 23 Apr 1843 Waterloo Co.

O’CALLAGHAN/MAHER/MURPHY/CUMMINGS. Michael Ann Brown, 4105 Elizabeth Lane, Fairfax VA 22032, (e-mail: MBrown4169@Aol.com), is interested in O’Callaghan, 1825-1870 & later; Maher, 1825?-?; Murphy, 1825?-?; & James Cummings, 1825?-?. All in Peel, Arthur, Guelph, Pilkington, Wellington County.

WALKER/LOWRY. Mary Tasker, 505-57 Widdicombe Hill Blvd., Etobicoke ON  M9R 1Y4, is interested in: Richard Walker, c.1826+, Maryborough Twp.; Cordelia Lowry, c.1832+, Maryborough Twp., m. Richard Walker; and Henry James Walker, 1855-1925, Drayton and Wiarton.

FRAZER/KNOTT. Shirley Fraser, 4335 Longmoor Dr., Burlington ON  L7L 1X6, writes of her interest in: Archibald Frazer & his wife, Catharine Knott,  both 1852-, Arthur Twp., Wellington Co.; ch: Michael, William, Margaret, James, Charles, Fitzgerald, Jane, Catharine, & Elizabeth.

Please note: the Wellington Group researchers, Penny Cleeves and Perry Cockburn, have done volunteer research recently for the following family surnames: ARGALL, BELL, BEST, BLACK, CARROLL, COULTER, DOLLERY, DONALDSOM, DORY, DOUGLAS, EMSLIE/ELMSLIE EWING, FERGUSON, FIELD, FREEBORN, GAUGHAN, GEROW, GILLESPIE, HENDERSON, HEWAT, HODGINSON, HUGHES, JOHNSONTE, KEARNEY, KEIL, KRIBS, LAWSON, MacGILBRAY, MASSIE, McALLISTER, McBAIN, McCORMICK, McINTYRE, McKERSIE, MORGAN, MULLEN, PARKINSON, PATTERSON, PORTER, RACHER, RAFFERTY, REEVE, ROBB, SHAW, SIMS, SPEERS, SRIIGLEY, TEEVIN, TREVETHICK, WHITE. If you are interested in any of these names, please contact Penny Cleeves or Perry Cockburn by mail. The address of the branch is on the cover page of this newsletter.



(Editor: the following article, from the Dallas Genealogical Society Newsletter, Volume 20, Number 8, October 1996, is being reprinted with the kind permission of the author.)

Quinsy, Screws, and Stone:

What Ailed our Ancestors

by Dorothy M. Rushing PhD

When reading family records, Bible entries or death records, the archaic terminology is so confusing that we sometimes wonder if the documents are really in our language. Until this century, census takers asked what diseases family members might have, and most of them sound strange to us.

Have we eliminated these diseases from our planet? Not really! Medicine and surgery were not taught in American colleges until the mid-nineteenth century. Students studied Latin, Greek, and natural science; they then became doctors by serving an apprenticeship, learning on the job, or going to Europe for further study. Most did not do so, however, since a license was not necessary to practice medicine. Ignorance and superstition prevailed. Anesthesia, sanitation, and sterile instruments were nineteenth-century innovations, and many patients died of the treatment rather than the illness.

While some of these diseases persist today, they have been renamed. Genetics and heredity are so important that the medical world now advises us to construct a medical family tree. We wonder what our ancestors passed down to us along with our name.

Apoplexy, Paralytic Stroke: rupture of a blood vessel in the brain; stroke, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral thrombosis

Army Disease: drug addiction acquired during the Civil War

Bilious Fever: severe stomach disorder (ptomaine or botulism)

Black Plague: bubonic plague

Bloody Flux: dysentery, severe diarrhea

Bright’s Disease: chronic nephritis (kidney failure)

Camp Fever, Jail Fever, Ship’s Fever: typhus, spread by fleas.

Catarrh: inflammation of the mucous membranes in the throat or nose; term applied to any nasal disorder, colds, sinus problems, or allergies (unrecognized until recently)

Childbed Fever, Puerperal Fever: septicemia (blood poison) caused by contagion; usually fatal

Cholera: sweating, dysentery, fever; caused by unsanitary conditions; very deadly

Chlorosis, Green Sickness: anemia, weakness

Commotion: concussion/confusion following a head injury

Congenital Headache: migraine; usual treatment was morphine powders, opium, or willow bark (the early form of aspirin)

Consumption, White Plague, Lung Sickness: tuberculosis; emphysema, lung cancer, black lung and smoker’s cough were also diagnosed as “TB,” there being a regular and galloping variety

Corpulence: obesity

Corruption, Laudable Pus: infection; considered healthy and necessary to the healing process

Costiveness: constipation or intestinal blockage

Cramp Colic: appendicitis; no successful surgery was done until the latter nineteenth century

Debility: extreme weakness; leukemia, anemia, vitamin deficiency

Dolors, Melancholy: chronic depression

Domestic Illness: in a female - incontinence; in a male - kidney or heart failure; considered an inevitable aspect of the aging process

Dropsy: edema; fluid accumulation in the organs that the heart is unable to pump out

Dyspepsia: acid indigestion, heartburn, ulcers

Falling Sickness: epilepsy

French Pox: venereal disease; the treatment, blue mass (mercury), would kill the patient if the disease did not

Gangrene: mortified infection; dry gangrene referred to an infected limb; wet gangrene was internal infection

Gout: accumulation of uric acid; called a “rich man’s curse” because it was erroneously blamed on the intake of fine liquor and rich food

Hereditary Angroedema: internal swelling from bruises (hemophilia)

Hip Gout, Rheumatic Gout: osteomyelitis, arthritis, rheumatism

Hunt Fever: throat distemper, strep throat; frequently contacted while engaged in outdoor activities such as hunting

Grippe: Influenza

Lead Poisoning: bullet through the abdomen

Lumbago: lower back pain

Lung Fever:  pneumonia

Mania: insanity, bipolar disorder, manic depression

Milk Fever: contacted by drinking milk from cows that ate poisonous milkweed

Mortification: extreme infection

Overlaid: smothering of an infant by rolling over on it while sleeping

Painter’s Colic: lead poisoning from inhaling paints, all of which contained lead

Pellagra: cracked skin, sore mouth, diarrhea, anxiety, dementia; caused by niacin deficiency and poor diet

Philadelphia Plague: typhoid or malaria

Phlegmasia Alba Dolen: milk leg (phlebitis)

Putrid Fever: diphtheria

Quinsy: laryngitis, tonsillitis, strep throat

Remitting Fever: malaria

Sanguineous Crust: scab

Scarletina: mild form of scarlet fever

Screws: rhematism

Scrofula, King’s Evil: tuberculosis of the lymph nodes and skin

Shellshock: mental and physical breakdown in battle

Softening of the brain: delusions, coma, irrational speech/actions/ forgetfulness; possible Alzheimers, unknown until recent years

Stone: prostate disorder

Strangery: rupture or strangled hernia

St. Anthony’s Fire: inflamed skin condition - possibly shingles or psoriasis

St. Vitus Dance, Chorea: convulsions, involuntary moving of arms, legs, face; believed due to poor nutrition

Swamp Fever, Yellow Fever: term used for a number of diseases, mainly malaria; caused by mosquitoes

Summer Complaint: diarrhea from drinking spoiled milk or eating unripe fruit

Sycosis: wartlike growths on scalp and beard; caused by using unsanitary razors

Texas Fever: tick fever; term was also applied to the urge to move westward

Vapors: dizziness, fainting, light-headedness; frequently caused by a too-tightly laced corset

Worm Fever: tapeworm or bowel worms




Editor: The following list of Burials from the Roman Catholic Burial Ground at Guelph, in the District of Wellington, from 4 September to 31 December 1848, has been sent in through the generosity of  Mrs. A. Leone Hinds of Elora. As a further demonstration of her generosity to historians and family historians, Mrs. Hinds recently donated her entire collection of such records as these to the Wellington County Museum and Archives, near Fergus.

Father Simon Sanderl, whose signature appears at the end of the document, was born in 1800 at Malgersdorf, Bavaria, Passan Diocese. He came to Waterloo County in 1844, after spending some time in Baltimore as a missionary. While in Waterloo County, he made his home in St. Agatha, working out from there to Preston, New Germany, Kingsbush (St. Clements), the Huron Tract (South East Hope), Alona (near Toronto), Peel Township, Chippawa, Rainham,, Guelph, Greenwood (near London), Puslinch, Wellesley, and Woolwich.

Father Sanderl went to Guelph after the death of Father Gibney, and was there from late 1846 to 1850. A new church had been built in Guelph by Father Gibney, but it was “poorly furnished,” according to Spetz (1916:17) and “Father Sanderl must have found much to improve and a considerable debt to pay” (Ibid.). Difficulty arose over a dispute with a member of the parish regarding payment for burial of a child. The result of the controversy was that Father Sanderl “fled from Guelph …” to an “island in Puslinch Lake a few miles south of Guelph, where he built himself a hermitage and chapel of stone. Here he lived about two years …. During the year 1852 he left the island and went to Gethsemani [sic], Kentucky, where he became a Trappist in that celebrated Monastery” (Ibid: 17-18). Father Sanderl died there on February 22, 1879. [Source: Spetz, Theobald, CR DD. Diamond Jubilee History of the Diocese of Hamilton, with a complete history of the County of Waterloo, 1856-1916. Book 1. Toronto, Ontario: The Catholic Register and Extension, 1916.]


Registry of Burials

Roman Catholic Burial Ground, Guelph, District of Wellington, 4 Sept-31 Dec 1848





Date of Death

Cause of Death


John Barret

21 years

3 September 1848



Margaret McGibon

18 years

4 September 1848



Margaret Evan

30 years

9 September 1848

Bowel Complaint


Theobold Stoffler

7 months

10 October 1848



Margaret Hirbhard

15 years

12 October 1848



Patrick Doyle

45 years

14 August 1848

Poisoned with Mercury


Margaret Thimble

30 years

22 July 1848

Died in childbed


Clara Herzenstroud

5 months

4 November 1848



Susanna Johnsadt

64 years

9 October 1848



Joseph Hawkins

67 years

17 October 1848



Sara Creemless

37 years

7 December 1848



John McTavish

21 years

3 December 1848

Neglected cold


Simon Ebergern

48 years

25 December 1848



Catherine Conley

12 years

30 December 1848










P. Simon Sanderl





Catholic Clergyman of Guelph






Addresses for Researching Former German Areas

(The following has been extracted from the Newsletter of the Germanic Genealogy Society, September 1996. Note that the principal society researching these German-speaking ancestors is the Arbeitsgemeinschaft ostdeutscher Familienforscher e.V. (AGoFF). Continued from Branch Notes, February 1997.)

Former Russian Empire

Russlanddeutsche. No current contact.


Neithard von Stein, Leiter

Forschungsstelle Schlesien der AGoFF

Talstr. 3

D-31707 Bad Eilsen


Former Magistracy of Glatz; south central Silesia

Dr. Dieter Pohl, Leiter

Forschungsstelle Fgr. Grafschaft Glatz der AGoFF

Forststr. 3

D-64379 Modautal


Former Magistracy of Lauban County; south-western Silesia

Kurt Michael Beckert, Leiter

Forschungsstelle Fgr. Kreis Lauban der AGoFF

Kiefelhorn 13

D-38154 Königslutter


Sudetan area; now Czech Republic

Oswald Förtschl, Leiter

Forschungsstelle Sudetenland der AGoFF

Meraner Str. 5

D-86316 Friedberg/Bayern


Southeastern Europe

Dr. Martin Armgart, Leiter

Forschungsstelle Südosteuropa der AGoFF

Graitengraben 31

D-45326 Essen


Several other organizations provide similar information for their respective areas of interest. They are:

Baltic Countries

Deutsche-Baltische Genealogische Gesellschaft

Herdweg 79

D-64285 Darmstadt


East and West Prussia, including Danzig

Reinhard Wenzel, Geschäftsführer

Verein für Familienforschung in Ost- und Westpreussen

An der Leegde 23

D-29223 Celle


Sudeten area

Lore Schretzenmayr

Vereinigung Sudentendeutscher Familienforscher und Sudetendeutsches Genealogisches Archiv

Erikaweg 58

D-93053 Regensburg



Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

The article, “The Can and the Milk or, the Wanderer’s Return,” in the November Bulletin reminded me of the home of [my husband’s] great-grandfather, Squire George McManus, J.P., M.P.P., M.P., 1805-1887. When his first wife, Ann Carson (1803-1865), [my husband’s] great-grandmother, died, George married Alice Kells (1841-1923), 36 years younger. When George died he willed the house to Alice. Alice married in 1894, Robert Orr (1867-1928), 26 years younger and left the house to him when she died.

In 1924 Robert married Isabel Hilson (1898-1975), 31 years younger, and left the house to her. When Robert died, Isabel Hilson Orr married Walter Gardner (1909-1968), 11 years younger. He died first so Isabel left the house to their daughter, Mary Gardner, who married Don Thurston.

They are the present owners of the house and have done a tremendous job restoring it. The McManus House, E ½ lot 1, Conc. 8, Mono Township, was made an Historic Home in 1995.

Sincerely, Betty Patterson (Mrs. Lorne Patterson), #359, Venice, Florida.


From AncesTree, Nanaimo Family History Society, Vol. 14, Issue 1, Spring 1997:

New Index of Mounties

If you have ancestors who served with the Northwest Mounted Police or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, you may find the surname listed in a data bank of members that has been compiled by retired RCMP officer, Jack White. Information includes the date and place of enlistment, date and place of discharge, date of death and burial place. Send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to: Jack White, 1510 Westmount Dr., Kamloops BC  V2B 5Z9.


From the University of Waterloo’s Daily Bulletin, Wednesday, 22 January 1997:

You know what the judge told the fellow whom he sentenced to pay $100 and spend a day in jail: “Fine today, cooler tomorrow.”