Doon Pioneer Tower Cemetery CC#5016


300 Lookout Lane, Kitchener, Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada

formerly BF East of Grand, Lot 12 Waterloo Township

Doon Pioneer Tower is a National Historic site administered by Parks Canada, reached from the Pioneer Tower Road, west from Highway 8 about one kilometre north of  Highway 401.

The tower was erected on an acre of land located on the old Betzner homestead, chosen partly because of the existence there of the old graveyard. It was built by the Waterloo County Pioneers' Memorial Association formed in 1923 as a tribute to the early Mennonite settlers of the area. The monument is constructed of field stones in a Swiss style to commemorate the Switzerland heritage of many of these families.

In the address given by D. N. Panabaker, president of the Waterloo County Pioneers' Memorial Association on the occasion of the dedication of the tower in August of 1926, he stated:

"I see no reason to doubt that in this graveyard the seven nameless graves  all marked out by limestone slabs are --- the graves of Indians who had become friendly to the early settlers".  Also he said "note --- the discoloured marble headstone, but particularly the beautiful engraving which was done by hand. It is the artistic work of Joseph Schoerg's son, the late Rev. David Shirk who --- was probably one of the first children born to the families which settled here" (1987)


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